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The {{Comicinfo}} template is used to create a list of credits for a comic book, and putting the credits in a uniform order.

Required values

No values are currently required. All values are optional.

Passing no parameters, {{comicinfo}} simply creates a level 2 header for the word "Credits" and creates the empty credits box.

This results in:

Optional Values

wri=name of writer: Link to writer.
art=name of artist: Link to artist.
pen=name of penciler: Link to penciler.
ink=name of inker: Link to inker.
col=name of colorist: Link to colorist.
colu=name of colourist: Link to colourist.
let=name of letterer: Link to letterer.
ed=name of editor: Link to editor
pubdate=date: Date originally published
covdate=date: Original cover date (note this is not the same as date originally published)
cont=Continuity: Link to Continuity family
chron=Chronology: Link to Chronology/Timeline

{{Comicinfo|pen=[[Don Figueroa]]|wri=[[Simon Furman]], [[Chris Ryall]]|art=Me|let=Me|pubdate=January 2, 2008|ink=[[You]]|chron=[[IDW timeline#Devastation]]}} would result in:

Writer(s): Simon Furman, Chris Ryall
Art: Me
Pencils: Don Figueroa
Inks: You
Letters: Me
  • Originally published: January 2, 2008