"Sloppiness is bad, cleanliness is good!"

This article requires cleanup to meet the quality standards of Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki.
Please discuss this issue on the talk page or append this tag with a more specific message.


This template is placed at the top on an article to mark it as in need of cleanup.


(If the type of cleanup required is not obvious, please place a note in the associated talk page.)

This template accepts an optional argument describing the month and year it was marked for cleanup.

{{cleanup|January 2007}}

Including the optional parameter places the article in Category:Cleanup from January 2007.
You must use the full month name, do not abbreviate.
The date parameter is recommended, because it helps us prioritize article cleanup.

Articles without the optional parameter will be placed in the general Category:Articles in need of cleanup category.

This article can also accept an optional argument for suggestions on why the article needs improvement or how to improve it.

{{cleanup|January 2007|Wrong article format, does not use "in universe" voice.}}

This parameter will not work unless you specify the date the article was tagged.

For articles in need of cleanup, see Category:Cleanup by month.

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