Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki
Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The autosummary template helps create quasi-informative stubs for minor Transformers creators (letterers and colonists, etc) who currently lack a page of their own, and are unlikely to get one in the future.

On a blank page type {{autosummary}}, click preview, then click on the link. A script does the rest.

Function: The script cross-references the wiki for all references to (for example) John J. J. Smith, takes a stab at guessing his job title(s) and an appropriate category (if available), then generates a quick bibliography of (hopefully) stories he's worked on. The results are dumped back into the preview window for hand-editing.


  1. This script is designed for minor creators, no more than 25 (and often fewer) stories will be included. If the creator in question has worked on more than that... he deserves some personal attention, don't you think?
  2. Because the script references other pages on this wiki, the resulting bibliography may be incomplete.
  3. The bibliography is prone to oopsies. "Don Perlin worked on Don (disambiguation)", for instance. Check the results for oopsies before saving the page please.
  4. The default page format it returns uses male pronouns. *shrug*