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Television is a crude means of entertainment used by Humans. Whether it is good or bad is a matter of debate, as is all human technology. It receives broadcasts fom various different "channels", allowing for a wide range of "television shows", including news, sports events, or cartoons, such as ones with aliens who turn into things.

Surprisingly, it has had a diverse effect on Cybertronians.


Generation One

Marvel Comics

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Shockwave watched enough television to determine humans were stupider than he had originally anticipated. The New Order

Sounds fair.

However, while Optimus Prime was out trying to figure out why he protected humans from the Decepticons, the Powermaster Slapdash came to enjoy a show called Miami Metal Clamp ... or something. Cold Comfort and Joy!


The race most affected by television are the Junkions, who have based their speech patterns around the use of lines from television shows. This can make it somewhat difficult to understand the Junkions and can also make initial communication difficult. TFTM After studying the Junkions while trying to recover one of their journals, a trio of Quintessons tried to make the Junkions more xenophobic and neat by broadcasting subliminal messages through the television programs. However, a mishap also caused the Junkions to begin broadcasting those tainted programs to others, causing the receiving races to begin attacking their neighbors and risk dragging the Milky Way into an interstellar dark age. Although intrigued by the prospect of supplying all those races with war materials, the Quintessons decided that the journal's recovery was more important. However, the journal was lost when the Autobots managed to destroy the device sending the affected programs. The Big Broadcast of 2006

Cybertronians are not above watching television every now and then. The Autobots are shown to be fans of a television show called As the Kitchen Sinks. This type of programming falls under the "soap opera" definition of television shows. What this says about the Autobots is open to interpretation. A Prime Problem The Aerialbots, on the other hand, became disgusted with Humanity after watching a little television. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2 When forced to leave his meetings with Tommy Kennedy, Powermaster Optimus Prime often left the young human with music videos to watch. Exactly how Tommy was able to watch the music videos in the lifeless wasteland he and the Autobot leader met in is currently unknown.

Even Decepticons enjoy a good show every now and then. Rampage really loves watching television, especially mindless music videos. What this says about the other Predacons is open to debate. Additionally, Mindwipe believes that his ability to make contact with the other side and communicate with the lifeforces of departed Decepticons is actually just television broadcasts he managed to pick up.


Jolt is a TV addict, whether or not he's not on the Internet.

Transformers Animated

The Autobots decided that a good way of learning about human customs would be to observe television programs from the comfort of their home base. They received over five thousand channels. Total Meltdown They also watched it on the world's largest flatscreen TV, so long it required both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to carry it. Home Is Where the Spark Is Usually, they would watch cartoons with Sari Sumdac in between ninja training sessions. Survival of the Fittest Wreck-Gar's head is an old fasioned portable TV set with a handle and everything, although it is a little big in proportian to some of the humans, on his toy bio it is said that he watches more TV than Bumblebee.

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