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The name or term Teletraan refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Teletraan (disambiguation).

Teletraan II is a computer in the Generation One continuity family.

Teletraan II is the successor system to Teletraan I, installed in Autobot City. Given some of its displays, it likely has Sky Spy technology.


Cartoon continuity[]

Voice Actor: Frank Welker (US), Yoku Shioya (Japan).

Teletraan II played back the battle between Metroplex and Trypticon several times over for Grimlock's amusement. When a request was made of Teletraan II to show the moment when Metroplex finished Trypticon "forever," the computer informed the Autobots that such was impossible, as that had never happened. Thus did the Autobots learn that Trypticon had not actually been destroyed, as they had previously believed to be the case. Thanks for waiting to tell them that after Trypticon had left. Thief in the Night

Apart from that he makes few other appearances, but on Grimlock's New Brain he gives the autobots a tad of information. Just a tad. It also helpfully informed viewers of many facts about characters and concepts in the series at the end of several episodes.


  • Teletraan II was largely devised to cover the departure of Casey Kasem from the show.