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Teletreaan 15 is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

A rare moment of downskirtedness.

Teletraan 15 ("Ichigo," a.k.a. Mobile Teletraan 15) is one of several humanoid computers developed by the Autobots to be "living" extensions of the Teletraan I computer and based on the artificial Earth satellite Nana.

This particular unit is shy, bumbling, and incredibly luckless. She frequently gets into trouble and often needs saving by (and occasionally from) her fellow Autobots. Her fellow Teletraan unit Teletraan 10 is frustrated by her antics, but still steps up to help her in a scrape... after a perfunctory round of sarcasm. The two are very close friends, despite their differences.


Teletraan Go! Go! Comics


What, you thought Atari was the only one getting humiliated around here?

In the year 2005, with Teletraan I's databanks destroyed by an unknown saboteur, the enigmatic "Black Panther Man" commanded Teletraan 15 to gather information to restore the precious data. Traveling through time and space, Teletraan 15 encountered various Cybertronians and recorded their personal information (while Teletraan 10 commented on their more unusual character traits). During her adventures, she was creeped out by Perceptor, molested by Wheelie, bewildered by Kup, rescued from a Novaroid by Micromaster Hot Rod, dismembered by Galvatron, restored with a robot arm with a saw-blade, given Steeljaw as a gift by Blaster, taken on a tour of the Generation 2 timeline by Jetfire, possessed by the ghost of Starscream, and finally accused of being Teletraan I's saboteur and imprisoned.


Oh, that Galvatron. What a crazy guy.

Escaping with the aid of the Kiss Players cassettes (Rosanna, Sundor and Glit) and learning of "Black Panther Man's" secret agenda to use the gathered data to alter the future to remove "unnecessary conflict," Teletraan 15 used the commander's Transwarp spaceship to travel back in time. To accomplish this, she was forced to cut off her own foot with her new saw-blade arm in order to escape her commander's clamped jaws. She destroyed Teletraan I's records in the past, breaking the disc on which she had recorded the new data for good measure.

Expressing mixed disappointment (in the failure of his scheme) and pride (in his "foolish" subordinates), the commander dumped Teletraan 15, Teletraan 10 and the cassettes out of his ship and flew away.


  • The Teletraan units were originally designed to represent specific emotions. Teletraan 15 is "sadness."
  • Teletraan 15's name, pronounced "Ichigo," means both "one-five" and "strawberry" in Japanese.
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