Teleportation is the ability to instantly transport matter from one place to another within a very short amount of time. In the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, such a power could be the key between victory and defeat.

Strange thing is, most Transformers who can teleport are total morons. Primus save us from idiots who can teleport.


Generation One

Skywarp possesses the ability to teleport. Though this would make him potentially deadly, without Megatron or Starscream to tell him what to do, he's useless, so his teleportation ability is not really a threat as far as the Autobots are concerned. Usually, he just uses it for immature pranks, such as pushing the other Decepticons down the stairs. Although the victim finds it unfunny, the other Decepticons enjoy it - because it's really funny.

Also, the Decepticons' space bridge was used to teleport troops and materials between Cybertron and Earth.

Beast Era

Beast Wars

While setting up a communication system, Cheetor accidentally found that when struck by lightning, they turned into a teleportation route between the Axalon and the Darksyde. Terrorsaur and Dinobot also discovered this, and Terrorsaur suggested that they use it to destroy both Optimus Primal and Megatron.

Dinobot ejected Terrorsaur through the waste system, then convinced Optimus to use the teleporter to send a bomb to the Darksyde.

Bad news was, both ships were on an energon vein that would explode catastrophically if either ship blew. So Cheetor deactivated the clamps that held it in place, and Terrorsaur then sent it into the air. Cheetor then used the teleporter to return to the Axalon, which also destroyed the communicators, destroying the teleportation system. Equal Measures


Dreadwing has the ability to teleport. Nobody knows how he got it, and since he's too stupid to have made it himself, the other Decepticons think that he stole it.

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