The Tele-Beam Blaster (てれビームブラスター Tere Bīmu Burasutā) is a weapon formed from the Arms Microns Optimus Prime Blaster, O.P., and B.H.. It is one of the many Combo Weapons in the Autobot arsenal.



  • Optimus Prime Blaster (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2012-03-31)
    • Set ID Number: AM-01
  • Bulkhead (Voyager, 2012-04-28)
    • Set ID Number: AM-10
The Tele-Beam Blaster is formed from B.H. (packaged with Bulkhead) in weapon mode forming the core, and Optimus Prime Blaster and O.P. (packaged with Optimus Prime) forming the barrels on the top and front respectively. It's advised to use the clear red version of Optimus Prime Blaster for this, packed with the September issue of TV Boy Magazine for the name to make sense (see below), but not required.


  • The weapon takes its name from Televi-Kun (てれびくん terebi-kun), the original Japanese name of TV Boy Magazine. Likely in homage to this, the first part of the weapon's name is written in hiragana instead of the usual katakana.
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