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The Teenage Boy is a Crown City native who has a girlfriend. He absolutely doesn't drive with her to out-of-the-way, hidden spots after dark and they wouldn't do anything at all there even if they did.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

"Get a Clue"

While investigating Decepticon activity at a construction site, Strongarm located a damaged tree, that had paint rubbed on it as if it had been hit by a car. A check by Fixit showed that a matching car had been dropped off at a body shop, so Strongarm, Denny and Russell Clay went to interview the car's owner in an attempt to find a lead. The car's teenage owner was happy to recount what had happened, although he made it absolutely clear that he and his girlfriend had not been looking to take advantage of the construction site's privacy when someone large had stumbled into their car while muttering to themselves about "shinies" and "step one" before said encounter caused him to tear out of the construction site, hitting the tree in the process. The interview was cut short by news of an incident at a fireworks factory.

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