TFA Team Charr

Counterclockwise from the bottom are Strika, Blackout, Oil-slick, Cyclonus and Spittor

Team Chaar is a group of Decepticons, under the command of Megatron. The leader is Strika.

Team members are:


Transformers Animated

Team Charr attacked Rodimus Prime's crew to take command of Space bridge 687030, leaving Hot Shot with legs cut off, Ironhide, Brawn and Red Alert badly damaged and Rodimus in a state of cosmic rust then the get ordered to retreat by Megatron. TransWarped

Team Charr also appear in Autobots' "dream". Human Error, Part 1


  • Chaar was the name of a planet the 'Cons set up bases on in The Transformers cartoon.
  • Team Charr was originally going to appear in a planned episode "Downtown Blackout", but since it's replaced by "This Is Why I Hate Machines", they didn't return.
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