Tasmania Kid is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II portion of the Beast Era continuity family.

But where's Diggery Dingo and Wendle T. Wolf?

Tasmania Kid is the youngest of Lio Convoy's crew, and the most luckless. He wants nothing more than to be recognized as a full-fledged Maximal warrior, but his youthful exuberance and tendency to leap before he looks keep getting in the way. He loves to run through the wilds, and often goes out against Commander Lio Convoy's orders.

One time he went pee-pee on a forest fire to put it out. He probably drank two slabs of beer to do so.


Beast Wars II cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Katashi Ishizuka (Japanese)

When he was thinking of what animal to scan in order to gain a beast mode, he considered either a cheetah or a bird. He fantasized about robot modes based on these forms, which looked suspiciously like Cheetor and Airazor. He was about to scan a bird, when a Tasmanian devil jumped out in front of him, forcing him to scan it accidentally and become Tasmania Kid.

Beast Wars Neo cartoonEdit

Tasmania Kid somehow escaped the wormhole he was in to help rebuild Cybertron after Unicron's ravaging. Graduation Ceremony!!

Beast Wars II comicEdit


Tasmania Kid *is* the Road Warrior.

When Lio Convoy wrecks Apache's room in a drunken rampage, Apache scolds Kid, who decides to run away. Kid is attacked and captured by the Cyborg Beasts, who plan to make him one of them. This plan fails when Apache singlehandedly annihilates the Predacon forces Rambo-style.

Beast Wars Neo comicEdit

Tasmania Kid is worshiped as a god on the planet of rabbit-formers from which Stampy hails.

IDW Beast Wars comicsEdit

Tasmania Kid is one of Big Convoy's subordinates on Cybertron.

Taskid dies

Those with stupid names die first.

Along with Survive and Cohrada, he joined Big Convoy in investigating Shokaract's tower. Unfortunately, Shokaract emerged from within and grabbed Tasmania Kid in his claws. Kid was torn in two pieces and killed. Big Convoy and the others were summarily defeated as well.

Fortunately, the Earthbound Maximal and Predacon teams took the Pack's transwarp cruiser and returned to the point in the time stream that Shokaract emerged from his tower. Unfortunately, it was still too late to save Tasmania Kid, who was torn in two pieces again just before Big Convoy and Shokaract noticed the newly arrived transwarp cruiser.

Sheesh, Furman. The Ascending #3


Beast Wars IIEdit

  • Tasmania Kid (Basic, 1998)
Japanese ID number: C-14
Acessories: gun/tail
Tasmania Kid's only toy is virtually identical to the Hasbro Beast Wars toy Snarl, transforming into an (alleged) Tasmanian devil. Holding the toy by its tail in beast mode and pulling the trigger makes his body leap forward in a spring-loaded lunging attack. A blue and yellow version of the toy was awarded as a special prize along with many other oddly-colored Beast Wars II Maximals in a magazine contest in Japan. This was the design contest that resulted in the creation of Star Upper.
Tasmania Kid was available both as an individual and in a two-pack with the Predacon Dirge.
The same mold is used by Bound Rogue, whose coloration bears a striking resemblance to the contest-prize version of Tasmania Kid.

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