Tarantulas's lair is a location in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family
Tarantulas lair

"There. Now all I need is a welcome mat...sewn from human flesh and written in blood! Bahahahahaha! And maybe some curtains."

Plotting not only the destruction of the Maximals but also his fellow Predacons, Tarantulas needs a place to make his treacherous plans. Eventually, he sets up a lair.


Beast Wars

First lair

After arriving on Earth, Tarantulas made a lair in some underground caves near the crashed Darksyde. While doing recon near the Predacon base, Cheetor was captured by Tarantulas, who intended to drain the Maximal of his mech fluid. However, Rattrap managed to rescue Cheetor, damaging the interior of the lair. And Tarantulas had just gotten his furniture positioned right. The Web

After learning that a stasis pod was reentering the atmosphere, Tarantulas knocked out sensors on both the Darksyde and the Axalon. However, Blackarachnia had managed to track down Tarantulas, compromising the lair's secrecy. Tarantulas began efforts to locate a new one. Spider's Game Also, it's implied that the Vok Planet Buster destroyed his old one.

Second lair

The second lair was a series of caverns loaded with energon cubes that Megatron had discovered and sent Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, and Quickstrike to secure. Initially suspecting Megatron's motives, Tarantulas sent out a signal to the Maximals, letting them know where they were going. However, upon inspecting the defensible layout of the caverns, Tarantulas decided that they would be a perfect location for his new lair. When Rattrap and Silverbolt came investigating the signal, Tarantulas left a bomb near the entrance to the cave and detonated it, making the Predacons believe the entrance was destroyed by the Maximals. The series of events worked out well for Tarantulas—not only did he have a new lair, but it was easily defended, had a cache of stable energon, and, most importantly, had been written off by both factions as unusable. Tangled Web This came in useful when he later abandoned the Predacons to pursue his own goals Other Visits (Part 1), although he eventually returned to the Predacons when the Ark was discovered

Tarantulas death

Tarantulas's lair was subsequently retooled for safety reasons.

Tarantulas's lair was destroyed when he tried to reprogram Tigerhawk into his service. When the Vok left Tigerhawk's body, Tarantulas panicked and fired through the Vok, causing the device he'd used to drive them out of Tigerhawk to fire a blast back at him. Colliding with a pair of energon crystals, Tarantulas's body was destroyed when the crystals exploded, causing the equipment to self-destruct and destroy the lair. Cheetor barely managed to drag Tigerhawk away from the explosion. Other Victories

Some time afterwards, the Predacons arrived at the remains of the lair, Megatron believing that Tarantulas may have left something behind that he could use to shift the tide of the Beast Wars back in his favor. Dinobot II discovered a hidden hatch to a tunnel that lead to the refurbished Nemesis, courtesy of Tarantulas. Nemesis Part 1

Primeval Dawn

After faking his own death at the hands of Tigerhawk, while simultaneously exorcising the latter's Vok and grafting them onto himself, Tarantulas set up his treacherous shop once again. It is unknown whether or not he picked a new location or rebuilt one of his older lairs, as secrecy was no longer a problem. What is known, however, is that his new lair possessed equipment sophisticated enough to contact Unicron, revive Ravage, and grow Razorclaw, Iguanus, and Spittor in big vats of glowy green JaAm. Primeval Dawn


  • In the second season, Tarantulas's second lair was portrayed as being in the desert, with flat ground surrounding the entrance. However, in "Other Victories", the lair was shown as being on a cliff near the ocean. Though, it is unknown how much time passed between those episodes and perhaps by then the landscape could have changed, or maybe it had more than one exit and stretched out a very long way. There's innumerable other reasons for this case.
  • Now that you've read this, Tarantulas has to kill you, lest you report it back to Megatron. He'll probably eat you, so be a pal and give him indigestion.
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