Soundwave is a paragon of stealth, and while the Talon Grapple Cannon looks like it would be more appropriate for an Autobot, Soundwave puts it to deadly use. The grapple claw is able to snare and instantly disable Soundwave's victims, and much like his tentacles, the Grapple Cannon is able to extend data filaments that draw information from its targets. After getting what he needs, Soundwave uses the grapple claw to simply crush his subject, with strength few structures can resist.


Beast Hunters

  • Soundwave (Deluxe, 2013)
    • Series / Number: 2 / 002
    • Accessories: Ravage, Talon Grapple Cannon
Part of the first wave of Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class toys, Soundwave is a redeco and extensive retool of the "Robots in Disguise" Soundwave mold, and wields the "Talon Grapple Cannon", a spring-loaded launcher that fires a missile with an opening "claw" at the end, tied to the launcher with a length of string. The launcher itself features an additional 5mm peg on each side, and its main peg is sculpted to be able to fit in the specially-shaped socket on his chest, allowing the cannon to mount on his vehicle-mode underside when Ravage is removed. It can also mount onto 5mm ports on his wings/forearms, palms, and robot backside/the aircraft's topside.


  • At New York Comic Con 2012, the Talon Grapple Cannon was announced as the "Thunder Talon". That name was later given to Starscream's weapon.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: Capture Anchor (キャプチャーアンカー Kyapuchā Ankā)
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