Galaxy Force is a sequel to Super-Link. How does it fit? they don't care, but it is. The Dark God is Unicron. In Japan, Primus and Unicron are called The Light God and the Dark God. Takara's timelines explain all this. It really has less continuity issues than our dub considering their voices didn't really change much.

The last sentence is the best thing ever. Interrobang 22:49, 5 November 2006 (UTC)


I edited the GF note, as GF does state the dark god was sealed away in a matrix-type object in the distant past, which is much more specific.

With the information provided in the GF DVD releases, can't we stop denying the obvious and just call the guy Unicron? The only reason I can see for them not saying it in GF is because it was overused in the last two shows.
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