Isn't Soundwave a microcassette player, not a tape recorder? Also, the Cybertron version is in a separate universe. It may or may not be worth noting the Machine Wars and Universe versions. Monzo 10:28, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

Well, Soundwave's character model shows up in Armada (and Beast Machines, for that matter). And while neither are clearly the actual dude, I think they're worth mentioning, long as "they're clearly not the actual dude" is stated. As for MW and TFU... well, the MW toy is blatabtly G1 Soundwave, and Starscream's e-hobby bio DOES pplace the Machine Wars in G1. TFU... worth NOTING, I think, making sure to state that there really is no fictional evidence that TFU Sounwave is G1 Soundy or even an alt-universe doppelganger, but that "alt-universe dollepganger" is the sfaest bet. - M "I Find That Holds True For Most TFU uys Who Never Got Fiction" Sipher

Cybertron Soundwave is awesome, nontheless. But the section was my bad, I added it before I realised this article was strictly meant for G1 Soundwave. Though I notice in Galaxy Force, there's a hint that it's "post G1". There's a brief shadowy shot of the Transformers taking the planet-keys for the Space Bridge in one of the episodes, and one of the Transformers taking a key is (or appears to be) G1 Optimus Prime!

So the UT possibly had it's own "G1 continuity" at some point. The only thing is, I haven't seen the equivalent episode in Cybertron yet, so this may only apply to Galaxy Force. - ttk

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