Just wondering, would it be welcomed if I added some photos of some Mircoman toys (Including one using Megatron's Gun Turrent), or would it be considered unnecessary and a waste of space? If it would be alright, how many pictures should I limit it to, and what would be the best size for them?

I think that would be a great idea. The article itself is pretty short right now, though... At the current length I think no more than two pictures. If somebody lengthens the article, more pictures could be added of course, although I'd think five or six would be the most to put in, even if the article ends up quite a bit longer. Pictures that are a few hundred pixels across/high are fine. Just make sure you give them "thumb" attributes in the article so they don't mess up the formatting. --Steve-o 23:58, 24 September 2006 (UTC)
Cool, I'll try to take a couple photos over the weekend(One group one, one concentrating on the accessories). Maybe I can do some more research into them too. Although I've become somewhat a collector of them, I know little about their actual background, though a DVD that some of them were bundled with gave some details of their production, including dates, though this might be a bit too much. I'm pretty sure I can find a list of the different series somewhere online, that should be cool beefing up material. I just remembered the most awesome Mircoman figure of all. Microman Figures that come with Rubber Godzilla suits. No one can deny that is awesome...


It seems to me - as Micro Change was a subline of Microman - that perhaps the two articles should be merged into a single article covering both the main line and its directly TF-related subline. Thoughts? --Monzo 00:52, 24 October 2006 (UTC)

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