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Generation One > Season 2

The Transformers go to Camelot, even though it's a silly place.

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The episode starts with Warpath, Hoist battle it out with Starscream, Rumble, Ravage, and Ramjet. But the Decepticons retreat out of exhaustion sensing energy in a nearby cave. The cave transports them to the medieval times where they are greeted by knights on horses thinking they are knights of their enemy kingdom. Near-by a Princess is spying their conversation and runs to warn her father where she bumps into Spike (literally) The Decepticons agree to help the knights win the war (But Starscream obviously just wants to rule and have a land of his own). Spike agrees to enter the tournament against the two kingdoms (Rigged by Decepticons of course) but quickly fails.

Ramjet and Rumble then enter the tournament together (Rumble rides Ramjet in Vehicle form) and are defeated by Warpath and the king. Out of rage, Starscream kidnaps the princess and holds her hostage unless the king agrees to give up his kingdom. The Autobots take chase but cannot keep up due to lack of energy and collapse out of exhaustion. Starscream then holds the princess prisoner in the castle he stole from the knight that greeted him and makes a machine that gives him energy out of anything he can find (and it's slave powered!) Starscream then sends Rumble to get Potassium-Nitrate (in other word LOTS of bird crap) to make explosive gun powder out of. Spike attempts to save the princess from her keep only to find her and the knight she was previously enemies with now a happy couple. Feeling rejected, Spike still agrees to help fight the war against the Decepticons. Mean-while the Autobots and the knights of the other kingdom charge towards the castle to battle it out with the Decepticons. But the Autobots can't put up much a fight due to their dangerously low energy levels.

A wizard then appears to aide the Autobots and summons lightning that fill Warpath and Hoist with enough energy to fight. Thus they continue the battle with Starscream and are victorious. Thus they are all led back to the cave in which they entered through by the wizard only to find it guarded by a Dragon. Starscream refuses to "go any closer" and the Wizard just states that a little bit of "Dragonsbane works every time." So they throw it at the dragon and it frighten hims away and they are all able to return home. When they arrive back in the normal time era they are greeted by multiple cannon blasts by Megatron. Starscream runs and glomps him in his burst of enthusiasm. Megatron on the other hand isn't so happy to see Starscream saying he "ruined his shot" and yells in anger.


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  • Spike actually gets a kiss from a girl. What will Carly think?


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