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Yo. PacifistPrime here again. I'm planning to write this article, but if someone else beats me to it, go right ahead. In any case I'd be greaful for any info on it's wierd publication history; it was originally sollicited as being a compendium of original G1 box/techspec art with the Metroplex-year boxback art for its cover, but what we got instead (for better or worse) was a collection of schmick artworks, mostly new and some seemingly made specially for the book. And then there was the whole issue of how it was clearly marked as "volume one", but there never was another. Was this a 3H thing? Later, PacifistPrime.

I don't know all the details but I remember suzzily something like this: First I heard of it, it was as one volume including BOTH original design/package art and new "fanart." IIRC. Then there were problems with getting some of the original design art (I remember somthing about Dery refusing to be a part of things because of some of his usual wierdness or other). So the book was split into two volumes: first 1) "Fanart" and then when it was ready 2) Designs/production art. Only the first vol. came out though, and even that came out with a LOT of controversy as bookstores got plenty of copies ('s where I got mine. Wish I'd ordered a few more) but folks who ordered it directly from the makers were stiffed. Thier money was in effect stolden, the company stopped communicating, and the book was never shipped to them. Nameless to say after that debackle vol. 2 never materialized. Though IDW now has a book of some design stuff comming out that may fill some of the void. --ZacWilliam 13:38, 9 April 2007 (UTC)
A few months back on eBay, someone listed what appeared to be a mock-up of the full version of Genesis. In addition to the Hasbro/Takara art that was 'specially scanned in', there were also full-color pages of 80s Japanese-commissioned art from Studio OX. Some of the commissioned fanart for the first volume never made print as well. I specifically recall a toy-accurate Jetfire illustration that was omitted (speculation was that it was due to it being a Bandai design). Additionally, although I'm not sure what the present situation is, last I heard there were quite a few artists who were commissioned to do pieces for Genesis that were never paid, a la Dreamwave.Jon T 11:25, 8 October 2007 (UTC)
As one of the artists involved in the book, I can give you some details on its history from my perspective. Sebastien Clavet used to run, a gallery of TF fan-art from across the Web. He had very good taste; it was THE place to see the best fan-art, featuring huge collections of artists like Don Figueroa, Makoto "Makotron" Ono, and Guido Guidi - before DW had found any of them. And in 2001, he decided to create an art-book to showcase all this talent. He commissioned new art from his favorite fan-artists (myself included) and started jumping through hoops for Hasbro's approval. As far as I could tell, it was only after Hasbro became involved that the notion of including "official" art (like production art, promo pieces, etc.) was introduced. That led to the idea of splitting the project into two volumes, but even then, Hasbro didn't want to give Clavet free rein on the "fan-art" book. (Bear in mind that this all comes from what I heard from Clavet, so grain of salt and so forth.) Hasbro dictated that a fair chunk of the book be Mainframe promo images and DW poster/cover reprints, and even the fan-art was pushed towards recognizable marquee G1 characters. I got the impression that I was fairly lucky to slip my MW Starscream pic in there, and then only because it was still Starscream. And of course the content was only part of the battle - I'm really unsure about what happened in the making and distributing of the book, though I know Clavet had to go through DW for some period. I think he may have ditched DW after butting heads with them and gone with Image instead, which is who eventually did publish it. But my memory there is hazy, and certainly I wasn't getting a full picture. When the book finally came out, Clavet sent me comp copies, so I never needed to go through the nightmare of trying to actually ORDER the thing. But I also never got paid, so there you go. - Jackpot 23:06, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

"Genesis: The Art of Transformers"

The front cover makes things a little confusing, but the actual title of the book - as shown on the spine, the title page, and the frontispiece - is "Genesis: The Art of Transformers." (Well, technically it's also "Vol. 1" or "Part One," according to the latter two sources respectively. But since there was never a #2...) The use of the TF logo on the cover seems to be a design afterthought, as it's repeated on the back cover without any accompanying subtitles. - Jackpot 21:38, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

Unpaid artists

Shouldn't hat part be mentioned in the article too?--Nevermore 11:50, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

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