For the Beast Hunters subline imprint of the Transformers: Prime toyline, Hasbro drastically reduced the length of on-package bios, and instead included short prose paragraphs titled Tales of the Beast Hunters on the instruction sheet for each Deluxe and Voyager Class toy. Whilst written to provide some exposition regarding the appropriate character, in the manner of traditional bio, these short pieces also form an overarching narrative, in a similar way to the box-back fiction for Takara's Transformers United EX line.

Chapter 1: Bumblebee

With the threat of Predaking looming over them all, every Autobot dedicates himself to discovering some means of battling the Predacon overlord. But it is the scout Bumblebee who discovers what may be the key to victory. Buried deep within data recovered alongside one of the Iacon Relics he finds evidence of a derelict transport starship - a courier packed with weapons more ancient than any relic yet recovered - set adrift ages ago among the asteroids girdling Earth's solar system. With no other way to reach the ancient ship, and not wanting to waste time, he contacts Wheeljack, hoping the Autobot mercenary can provide transport and - if it turns out to be a trap - an extra blaster.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Bumblebee.

Chapter 2: Soundwave

There is no transmission so secure that it will not yield to the tender decryption of Soundwave. Such is the case with the conversation between Bumblebee and Wheeljack, and so, within minutes of the two Autobots blasting off for the distant asteroid belt, Megatron and Predaking also set course for the ancient weapons cache. Soundwave remains on Earth, patiently monitoring Autobot transmissions, assuring his leader that they are indeed alone. It is an opportunity to not only destroy this pair of Autobots, but also to secure weapons that ensure victory over the rest - an opportunity arranged with patient satisfaction by the Decepticon data master.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Soundwave with Ravage.

Chapter 3: Lazerback

Even as he floated in the darkness of the Hyperevolution Chamber, Lazerback could hear what happened around him. He heard much of what Shockwave said in his strange voice, and he knew before he emerged what his plan would be. Now, freed from the chamber, he is no longer interested in what the Decepticon scientist who cloned him has to say. Lazerback refuses to serve under anyone, not an overlord like Megatron, or a conqueror like Predaking. Instead, he is determined to see chaos reign. Stealing a tracking device from the lab, he blasts off hoping to see chaos made king by the destruction of two tyrants who stand in his way.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Lazerback.

Chapter 4: Wheeljack

Wheeljack is willing to admit that he didn't think much of the idea that some kind of ancient Cybertronian arsenal was hidden in this solar system's asteroid belt. But now that the pitted, timeworm hulk of what is obviously a very old starship fills his view screen, he's got to say he's impressed. What's more, his sensors detect vast reserves of power in the old ship's hold. When he and Bumblebee go aboard, neither of them is surprised when they find dozens of crates filled with strange weapons. Unfortunately, they are surprised when they turn to begin loading their ship, only to find Megatron and Predaking blocking their way.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Wheeljack.

Chapter 5: Optimus Prime

The moment the distress call sent by Wheeljack crackles to an abrupt stop, Optimus Prime springs into action. He orders Ratchet to overload the ground bridge enough to send him - alone - deep into space to join the fight against Megatron and Predaking. Ignoring the Autobot scientist's warnings that doing so will fry the bridge, leaving the Autobots without fast transport on Earth, and Optimus Prime no way home from space, he leaps into the glowing ring. Instantly, he finds himself in the swirling chaos of combat, fire lashing the air and smoke obscuring his optics. In the space of a moment, his warrior's mind grasps the situation, and he leaps into action, firing every weapon at his command at Predaking, hoping to give Bumblebee and Wheeljack the time they need to escape.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime.

Chapter 6: Predaking

Even as his blasters spew nova-hot flame across the quickly melting walls of the ancient starship, Predaking scans the cargo hold for signs of the powerful weapons the Autobots have come to find. So focused is he on holding off Optimus Prime and accomplishing his goal that he does not see the skulking form of Lazerback, flitting from shadow to shadow. No one does, in fact, and even as battle rages, the Predacon saboteur manages to plant enough explosive to utterly annihilate the derelict ship. When the charges detonate, all of the combatants are caught off guard. Predaking watches as his Autobot opponents escape with a precious few of the weapon crates in their possession. Only when he turns to make his own escape from the disintegrating starship does he see Megatron, surrounded by fire, plunge helpless through the damaged floor, followed by hundreds of tons of debris.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Predaking.

Chapter 7: Starscream

When Predaking returned to the Nemesis speaking of mysterious explosions and the disappearance of Megatron, all optic sensors immediately turned to Starscream. The Air Commander had long coveted the command of the Decepticons. It was obvious to everyone that Starscream must be responsible. Now, he finds himself hunted and alone, cut off from the other Decepticons who believe him to be an assassin. Starscream finds himself where he never thought he'd be - hoping Megatron turns up safe and sound, if only so his name can be cleared.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Starscream.

Chapter 8: Ripclaw

Even before she fully shakes off the disorientation of emerging fresh from the Hyperevolution Chamber, Ripclaw can hear the soothing, strange voice of Shockwave. "Predaking is alive," he says, "but in danger. Enemies known as Autobots have stolen weapons powerful enough to harm even the king of the Predacons." Ripclaw needs to hear nothing else - she blasts out of the lab and into the sky, turning her ultra-sensitive snout into the wind, sniffing for any hint of the stolen weapons. Instead she finds Lazerback, smiling his cunning grin, "Whatever the Decepticons have told you is a lie, my dear," he tells her. "Predaking is long gone. But that's no reason we shouldn't destroy the Autobots - and the Decepticons along with them."

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Ripclaw.

Chapter 9: Bulkhead

Bulkhead can't deny that the new weapons brought back to base by Bumblebee are pretty cool, but no one can figure out how to activate them. Ratchet is working on it in his lab, but Bulkhead would rather smash stuff than study, so he's been out in the middle of the desert for hours, trying to get the thing to work. He's just about to give up when Ripclaw plunges out of the sky and smashes into him. Before Bulkhead can react, the unknown dragon's tail claw grips his chest and rips away a chunk of armor. Even as the big Autobot pounds on his beastly opponent, giving as good as he gets, he feels the poisonous heat of the dragon's mech venom scaring his circuitry.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Bulkhead.

Chapter 10: Smokescreen

With Bumblebee injured and Bulkhead near total shutdown, it's up to Smokescreen to discover where these new and dangerous Predacons are coming from. Luckily, the Autobot trickster is also a capable spy, and soon he finds himself creeping through the shadows of a remote Decepticon lab. At first, he thinks the place is abandoned. Then he discovers a room lined with large glass chambers, each one filled with a strange, murky liquid, and the vague outline of a beastly machine. Satisfied that he's discovered exactly what Optimus Prime needs to know, he turns to leave, only to find Shockwave blocking his way. "You should not have come here," the Decepticon scientist says, raising his laser cannon.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Smokescreen.

Chapter 11: Shockwave

With Megatron gone missing, Shockwave makes the decision to end his Predacon cloning program. A force of Predacons united under Predaking could spell doom for the Decepticons as well as the Autobots. He is in the middle of shutting down his Hyperevolution laboratory when he spots an Autobot spy hiding in the shadows among the still-occupied chambers. A plan forms in his precise and brilliant mind: Destroy the Autobot and the lab, and lay the blame for the annihilation of the cloning program at the feet of Optimus Prime and his soldiers. Such an event would drive Predaking into a rage that would doubtless utterly consume the Autobots in its fury.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Shockwave.

Chapter 12: Skystalker

Skystalker slides from the murky numbness of his Hyperevolution Chamber and into the heat of battle. His Spark aches to join the battle, but his instincts tell him to wait, to understand where he is. Even as the battle between Smokescreen and Shockwave continues to rage, he takes a moment to look around. He stands in a room full of unfamiliar equipment - a room he nonetheless recognizes as a laboratory. A laboratory in which he - and possibly other Predacons - have been experimented on. His cold, calculating mind is suddenly submerged in anger. His wings spread, and a devastating barrage of white-hot discs fly, burning, blasting and melting all around him.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Skystalker.

Chapter 13: Ratchet

Ratchet scowls at the data discs recovered from the Decepticon lab by Smokescreen. Most of them are useless - charred, or cracked by the same plasma blasts that had rendered the Autobot warrior himself nearly unable to return to base. But a few have shocking information on them, information that only only reveals much about the cloning process used to bring the Predacons back to life, but also about the secrets of the powerful new weapons recovered by Bumblebee.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Ratchet.

Chapter 14: Dreadwing

Dreadwing has known Starscream for too long for the cowardly Seeker to hide from him. Still, when he smashes into his former commander's hiding place, he expects a vicious fight, and is surprised to instead find Starscream with his weapons lowered. "Listen!" Starscream says. "Since when do I flee the moment Megatron is out of the picutre? If he was deactivated because of me, I'd take command! As is my destiny!" Dreading aches to blast his fellow air warrior to atoms, but he knows Starscream is telling the truth. He levers a finger at the other Decepticon, "You will help me find Megatron then. Find him and bring him back."

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Dreadwing.

Chapter 15: Grimwing

The higher he soars into the unfamiliar sky, the more his minds clears. Grimwing remembers his time in the Hyperevolution Chamber. He remembers the "lessons" fed directly into his brain by Shockwave. But he also knows there must be more to the world into which he has been reborn, and he is determined to discover it. That's when his highly sensitive optics spot a Cybertronian signature on the ground below. Judging by the size and power of the stranger, he knows it must be a brother warrior - a kindred spirit. "Yes! Fight!" screeches Blackbeak, but Grimwing shakes his head. "No. We seek knowledge, not battle. For now," he says, and banks, descending toward the distant stranger.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Grimwing.

Chapter 16: Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus sees the massive Predacon coming from a mile away. He doesn't know who the big dragon is, and he doesn't care. All he knows is that the dragons are dangerous, and must be defeated. He converts to robot mode and leaps into the air, bring the Forge of Solus Prime around in a shattering blow that would destroy a lesser robot. Grimwing takes the blow, and is only momentarily fazed. The battle is short, violent, and never in doubt. It ends with Ultra Magnus on the ground, disarmed and barely functional. Grimwing stands over him. "Pathetic," he says. "I hoped to learn something from you, but this new race of Cybertronians must all be liars and savages." He leans down to look into the optics of his Autobot opponent. "Be warned. This world is in grave danger from my fellow Predacons. I will restrain them. You and your fellows stay out of my way or be destroyed." And then he is gone, leaving Ultra Magnus dented and smoking in the dust.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Ultra Magnus.

Chapter 17: Ultimate Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

With Ultra Magnus the latest casualty of the Predacon assault, Optimus Prime decides that enough is enough. Whether the new weaponry discovered by Bumblebee is ready or not, the Predacons must be stopped. Donning the heavy Firebreath Cyclocannons, Optimus Prime steps outside into the hot desert air, determined to find Predaking and bring him down one way or another. He doesn't have far to look. The Predacon leader has come looking for him, armed to the teeth and ready to destroy every last Autobot. That's when Optimus Prime receives a transmission from Ratchet. "Sir," says the scientist, "I've figured out how to activate our new weaponry. Sending the information to you now." Within moments, the Autobot leader feels power flowing through him, and he knows even before it begins that the fight against Predaking can only end in victory.

Note: Comes with the Ultimate Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

Chapter 18: Ultimate Fire Breath Predaking

Predaking faces Optimus Prime across the desert expanse near the Autobot base, the Infernum Blade humming in his hand. He can see that the Autobot leader's new weaponry isn't fully activated, and he knows this is a battle he will win. "No more plots," he says. "No more grand plans. Megatron is gone. I will destroy you, wipe out your Autobots, and return Cybertron to the old ways." Then his sensors detect Optimus Prime receiving an incoming transmission - and power surges through the arsenal carried by the Autobot leader. Optimus Prime looks into the ancient predator's eyes and says, "this battle isn't over yet." And Predaking, so confident of victory only a moment ago, feels fear for the first time in millions of years.

Note: Comes with the Ultimate Fire Breath Predaking.

Chapter 19: Arcee

Arcee has been watching the pattern of attacks on her fellow Autobots with great interest. They are savage and devastating, yes, but they are also random. What's more, the Decepticons have been no where to be seen. Her tactical processors tell her that the Decepticon forces are in choas - and just as concerned about the Predacon threat as the Autobots are. That's why, when she finds herself tracking Ripclaw to a hidden cave deep in the Canadian Rockies, she transmits the location directly to the Decepticons. Why should the Autobots risk themselves against the Predacons when the Decepticons are probably more than willing to do it for them!

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Arcee.

Chapter 20: Knock Out

With Megatron missing, Predaking running wild, and the other Predacons wreaking havoc all over Earth, Knock Out begins to think it might be high time to vacate the planet in favor of somewhere less occupied by dragons. Lucky for him, Shockwave seems to have the same idea. The Decepticon scientist comes to Knock Out looking for his expert help in packing up what remains of the destroyed cloning lab - including the final two Hyperevolution Chambers. Knock Out isn't entirely certain it's wise to be bringing cargo this dangerous with the - but he doesn't really care as long as Shockwave pays for his help by getting him off the planet

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Knock Out.

Chapter 21: Vertebreak

Vertebreak can't sense much from the murky interior of the Hyperevolution Chamber in which he waits, half-awake, to be reborn. But he knows that he is being moved. The steady flow of information into his mind from the data connections installed by Shockwave ceases first, and then there is a sensation of lightness as the chamber is lifted. He cares little for any of this. All he wants is to be free of the little chamber - to be free to hunt, to fight, and to destroy. He longs to feel the rush of battle. Luckily, he doesn't have long to wait. After a short time in darkness, the chamber opens and Vertebreak smells the familiar air of Cyberton.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Vertebreak.

Chapter 22: Sharkticon Megatron

Trapped in a tangle of ancient wreckage, his comm unit so damaged that he can monitor what is happening on Earth but cannot transmit, Megatron seethes with rage. He gropes around in the pitch black silence of the ancient wreck, but he feels nothing but rubble. Until suddenly, his hand happens upon something new. It is the grip of a weapon - unclaimed by the Autobot raid - one that is familiar, though he never thought he would hold it again. He feels memories stir deep within his data banks, and remembers a time long ago on a world consumed by savage hunger. His damaged systems surge to life. The jagged metal pinning him shifts, then twists and warps, bonding itself with his body, repairing damage, but also changing him. His nightvision system restored, he looks down at the weapon in his hand. It is an object of incredible power - enough, perhaps, to bring the Predacons under control, and do away with the Autobots for good.

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Sharkticon Megatron.

Chapter 23: Night Shadow Bumblebee

After the injuries he suffered in the raid on the derelict starship, Bumblebee understands why Autobot Ratchet has him on light duty. That doesn't make patrol alongside Prowl any less frustrating. He feels fine! So why can't he be out with the rest of his team kicking Predacon tail? With Predaking defeated, the Autobots are free to chase down the rest of the beasts, and hopefully neutralize them before their leader even realizes they're alive. And yet here Bumblebee is, driving down remote backcountry roads alongside Prowl, who wouldn't know action if it raced up and dented his fender. Just as Bumblebee decides he's in for the most boring mission ever, there is a crack like thunder from the sky. Then Megatron streaks down out of the stratosphere, his cannon firing a pulse of energy that blasts the top off a nearby mountain.

Note: Comes with Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Night Shadow Bumblebee.

Chapter 24: Prowl

The moment Megatron fires the first blast, Prowl has his tactical subroutines run an analysis, but it's not until he sees the Predacons surging into the sky to attack the Decepticon leader that he really understands what's happening. Even Megatron fears the consequences should Predaking learn that the other beasts are still alive. So he's taking the most direct route, hoping to destroy the Predacons before their existence ever becomes a problem. Bumblebee converts to robot mode and moves to charge towards the action, but Prowl stops him. Why commit themselves to a battle when they can sit back and watch Megatron and the Predacons tear each other apart?

Note: Comes with the Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Prowl.

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