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Talaria is an alien in the cartoon portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Talaria has an appreciation for logic and reason that Skyfire and Shockwave would greatly respect. She rejects the autocratic rule of the Astrologer priests for what it really is: religious enslavement that is driving their people to starvation and trapping them on an island sorrounded by electric lava. Talaria knows that they can head to one of the other islands for a better life, and is not above an insurrection to achieve her goals.

She also has even less modesty than the women of Nebulos. Wow.


Generation 1 cartoon

During the annual sacrifices to the Titan Sky Gods, Talaria led a rebellion and captured High Priest Jero, exposing his Sky God for what it was: a poorly controlled statue. At a meeting of the people, she tried to convince the Titans that there were no gods. As Jero countered with religious dogma, Talaria outright demanded that he show the Titans a sky god...at which point the injured Autobot Cosmos crashed right into the meeting. Talk about bad timing. As Talaria tried to convince the others that it was a trick, the Decepticon Astrotrain arrived with his minions Thrust and Starscream, proclaiming themselves gods, hoping to use the Titans to mine energy crystals for them. Following them to the temple, Talaria overheard Astrotrain mention that reconnecting a wire would allow Cosmos to reactivate. When no one was looking, Talaria connected the wire, which also activated his communications systems. Speaking with Optimus Prime, Talaria had trouble relaying where Cosmos was (despite an otherwise perfect understanding of English), so the Autobot leader told her activate his homing beacon. However, Thrust and Starscream tried to stop her, but Cosmos reactivated long enough to allow Talaria to escape (and get shot again).

Fleeing into the forest, she she proceeded to fire arrows at Jazz and Perceptor, who had been sent to rescue Cosmos. After the Autobot Sub-Commander talked Talaria down, she lead them to the temple where Cosmos was, only for Starscream and Thrust to discover them (they have really good timing, don't they?). Talaria was captured, and Astrotrain decided to make her sacrifice. Fortunately, Jazz rescued her from death, and Omega Supreme drove off the Decepticons. Unfortunately, Astrotrain detonated the energy crystals. Though the island was destroyed, the Titans managed to escape to another island with help from the Autobots. Talaria emerged as the new leader of her people. The God Gambit

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