The Tako Tank is a Maximal vehicle from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Japanese sure love their tentacles.

The Tako Tank is a weapon used by the Maximals fighting the Beast Wars on Gaea. It has a powerful water cannon, destructive tentacles and can move really fast.


Beast Wars II cartoon

The Tako Tank was delivered to the Maximals stationed on Gaea by Scuba's cousin, Ikard. The Tako Tank gave the Maximals the upper hand in battle, though only Scuba seemed competent in piloting the thing. At one point, Tasmania Kid and Diver tried taking it for a joyride but instantly lost control and wreaked havoc all over the planet until Scuba was able to rescue them.

Dreamwave Comics

A toy remarkably similar to the Tako Tank startled a EDC soldier at a movie theater. On reflection, he thought it might be a GoBot. Infestation

IDW Beast Wars comic

An Angolmois-induced riot follows the Tako Tank, who broke down a wall. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars II

  • Ikard & Tako Tank
Japanese ID number: X-5
The Tako Tank is a large mechanical octopus that rolls on small wheels on its underside. Twin puppet-rods in the back give control of the front two tentacles (which is one of the funnest play-features in Transformers ever). A plunger in the back runs through the body, which activates the water-bellows in the tank's "mouth". A small wheel behind each "eye" allows them to spin, though for what purpose is unknown.
The tank-head splits open to reveal a motorcycle Basic-scaled toys can ride. (Because of the way it folds up, the Transformer cannot stay in the bike in "storage" mode.) This bike has two flip-around spring-loaded torpedo launchers, plus the wheel assembly can adjust to serve as either a traditional land-based vehicle or be converted to a hoverbike.
The Tako Tank came with its pilot, Ikard.


  • "Tako" is Japanese for "octopus".
  • Like the Niagara Base from the same line, there is speculation that the Tako Tank was originally an unreleased Microman concept. This may explain the bike's questionable compatibility with its pilots.

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