Take-Off is a Decepticon Action Master in the Generation One continuity family.

Powerdashers get more love than me.

As fast talking as he is moving, Take-Off is a keen tracker whose hunting exploits are aided by his partner, Screech. His ability to see his prey over vast distances is matched only by his ability to hit his targets before they can even draw a weapon.

Italian name: Rapax


Generation One

  • Take-Off (Action Master, 1991)
    • Accessories: Sonic Disruptor Laser

As an Action Master, Take-Off is a non-transforming action figure, although his tech spec seems to indicate he transformed into some kind of aerial craft. He was sold on an individual card with his transforming partner Screech in parts of Europe and Australia only. Like other European Action Masters, his parter transforms into a helmet. He is compatible with any other Action Master weapon or vehicle.

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