Takao Kinomiya is a character from the Generation One continuity family.
Dreammix Takao

Placing my bets on Licca or the Beyblade kid, frankly.

Takao Kinomiya (木ノ宮タカオ Kinomiya Takao) is a 12/13-year-old Japanese boy who lives with his grandfather and loves battling with spinning tops called Beyblades. After removing a piece of his family's heirloom samurai sword and putting it into his Beylade, he became able to summon Dragoon, an energy creature known as a Bit Beast.

Although Takao is unarmed in battle, he can whip out his Beyblade spinner at a moment's notice to launch a top into action. The top then explodes to reveal Dragoon and becomes a massive energy tornado, the Evolution Storm.

Stop laughing.


DreamMix TV World Fighters

As part of DreamMix TV's attempt to pull in more ratings, Takao was invited to battle bunches of other beings, including Optimus Prime and Megatron on the television show World Fighters. DreamMix TV World Fighters


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