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Tailspin is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.

Friends for life through thick and thin...

Tailspin is the most impulsive member of the Race Car Patrol. He'll fire his weapons wildly in the general direction of the enemy without a thought for the collateral damage. While out on scouting missions, he'll start fights with the Decepticon forces they were sent to observe, often getting in over his head. Roadhandler admires his enthusiasm, but often has to remind Tailspin about the objective of their missions.

Japanese name: Spinchange


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Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Tailspin was among the first Micromasters serving under Emirate Xaaron on Cybertron. When Roadhandler showed reluctance to carry out orders to destroy the Battle Patrol, in order to prevent Thunderwing developing Micromaster technology, Tailspin assured him the rest of the Micromasters would support him whatever he decided. A Small War

Tailspin, along with the rest of the Race Car Patrol and the Off Road Patrol, was sent to Earth to join up with Optimus Prime's local Autobot group. Despatched to investigate unusual storm activity and monster sightings in Manhattan, they joined up with journalist Cecilia Santiago to uncover a Decepticon plot. Tailspin played a key role in stopping Iguanus placing an electro-stater on top of the Empire States Building by working out how to use a lift so they could follow him to the roof. He probably dined out on that one for years. King Con

When Roadhandler turned the Micromasters into a crime-fighting outfit to forge better relations with the humans, Tailspin worked with Highjump to prevent his fan club being threatened by the Air Strike Patrol, allowing Roadhandler to win a wrestling match with Storm Cloud. Afterwards, they decided to abandon the strategy. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship Tailspin and the other Race Car Patrollers accompanied Optimus Prime to a rendezous with Chainclaw, a courier from Cybertron, only for Doubledealer to steal the package. Tailspin was quite vocal in objecting to Optimus Prime not destroying Chainclaw and the package to prevent Doubledealer spiriting them away. Ultimately, Doubledealer managed to trick the Autobots into giving him some energon, then pointed them in the direction of Scorponok's Decepticons, who he had just sold the plans to. (Double)deal of the Century

Zone OVA

Dreamwave comics continuity

IDW comics continuity

Tailspin was one of the legions of Dead Universe Micromasters who pursued Hardhead and Nightbeat on Gorlam Prime. He survived to confront Hardhead with the Jhiaxus-controlled Nightbeat in the planet's subterranean tunnels, but failed to prevent the Autobot from escaping into the Dead Universe. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation One

  • Race Car Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Tailspin transforms into a blue Porsche 962 racecar. He was only available in a four-pack with his teammates Free Wheeler, Roadhandler and Swindler.

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