Tailslide is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Don't dogs do that on the driveway?

Wild and cruel with a mean sense of humor, Tailslide is a member of the Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team. Along with Midship and Top Gear, he hunts down Mini-Cons on Earth to capture them and return them to their original purpose as servants of Unicron.


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The nice Tailslide.

Tailslide was one of many Mini-Cons who awoke on his own on Earth after the crash of the Exodus. He was pursued by Top Gear, who used a Fixer Bug drone to reformat his mind and body, turning him into a cruel fellow minion of Unicron.

Tailslide was reactivated at the Deccan Plateau in India, where he immediately used his transfixation beam ability to force-transform Servo and lock him in car mode. However, he wasn't able to do much more, as the evil mini-Cons were forced away by the arrival of Scavenger.

Tailslide accompanied the other Speed Chaser team members to their other missions, often in their combined Magnawing mode. Though he was not seen at the final battle with Unicron, it is highly unlikely he survived it.



  • Tailslide (Mini-Con, 2003)
Tailslide is a redeco of the Mini-Con Downshift, available only with the fourth Micron Legend DVD in Japan. He turns into a racing car similar to a Le Mans model. He can combine with Midship and Top Gear to form the Magnawing jet. Like almost all Mini-Cons, he has a Powerlinx socket that enables him to be attached to any figure with a compatible Powerlinx plug.

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