TV Magazine (テレビマガジン te-re-bi-ma-ga-zi-n) is a children-oriented monthly Japanese magazine published by Kodansha Ltd. that primarily features children's television shows and videos, and to a lesser extent, children's video games, model kits, and toys. The content of the magazine is a mix of multi-page spreads featuring photographs of scenes from live-action TV shows, multi-page spreads featuring original artwork depicting characters and situations from anime TV shows ("story pages"), and black-and-white manga. As with other periodicals of its kind, it comes with a variety of bonus inserts and supplements each month, mostly consisting of punch-out cardboard items one can fold together. The magazine was first published in 1971 and continues to be published to this day.

Although other similar Japanese magazines such as TV Kun and TV Land existed during Generation One in Japan, only TV Magazine featured Transformers articles and manga during this period. Among Transformers fans, TV Magazine is known as the source of anime-style spreads by Studio Ox, exclusive manga, and the storyline for the Japanese Transformers series Zone, Return of Convoy, and Operation Combination, since the anime ended after Victory.

The entire run of Generation One Transformers manga from TV Magazine was recently republished in book form as Transformers: The Comics. Transformers fans have also made some of the Generation One Transformers material from TV Magazine available online in English at TF Archive and TF Pulp.

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