The TIE Fighter is a type of vehicle in the Star Wars continuity.
SWTIE Fighter

We'll just pretend their mech modes are cooler, okay?

The TIE Fighter is a vehicle of some sort, always associated with Darth Vader. There are three known types, the Mini-Con TIE Fighter, the TIE Bomber, and the TIE Advanced Fighter that is Darth Vader's personal vehicle. At least three TIE Fighters defend the Death Star.


Star Wars Transformers

SWTIE Advanced
  • Darth Vader TIE Advanced Fighter (2006)
Darth Vader's mecha transforms into a TIE Advanced Starfighter, featuring twin spring-loaded missile launchers. These missiles become "lightsaber" melee weapons for the robot mode. One of the vehicle mode's solar panel arrays forms a "cape" for the robot mode, the other a large deflector shield. Like all Star Wars Transformers toys, it comes with a tiny mini-figure of its pilot.
  • Darth Vader/Death Star (2007)
Three TIE Fighters, which have Mech Modes where heads pop out of the cockpits, are included in this package. In both modes of the larger Darth Vader/Death Star toy, panels on the back open to reveal storage compartments for the TIE Fighters.
The compartments on either side of the back are barely large enough to accommodate more than one TIE Fighter at a time without disassembling the solar arrays.
  • Darth Vader VS Obi-Wan Kenobi (2007)
This Walmart-exclusive two-pack, released around the holiday season of 2007, featured slight redecos of the Darth Vader TIE Advanced Fighter figure and the original Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter. Darth Vader was molded in a more teal-colored plastic, as compared the original blue-gray, but the paint applications were the same. Similarly, Obi-Wan featured purple-shaded paint applications instead of the magenta from the original release.


  • TIE Pilot TIE Bomber (Star Wars, 2008)


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