This article is about the Robots in Disguise computer system. For the Binaltech Asterisk policewoman, see Ai Kuruma.

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T-AI is an Autobot computer from the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

T-AI in the Autobots' secret base

T-AI (pronounced "tie", short for Tactical Artificial Intelligence) is the Autobots' main computer system. She keeps tabs on events across Earth, coordinates Autobot forces across the globe, maintains the elaborate Space Bridge network, and generally keeps things running smoothly at the base... or as smoothly as possible considering the variety of odd personalities that make up the Autobot ranks. She is an incredibly advanced computer that displays distinct emotions, self-awareness, a sense of humor, and--perhaps most notably--the ability to lose her patience. She is quick to berate verbally any Autobot found slacking off or doing something dumb.

T-AI manifests herself with a holographic avatar, taking the form of a young human girl in a maroon uniform similar to a Japanese policewoman's. It's possible she chose this form to better acclimate the Autobots to dealing with humans, as well as to help their human ally Koji better deal with being surrounded by giant alien robots.

She is reportedly the "daughter" of Teletraan I.

Japanese name: Ai-chan (アイちゃん)


Robots in Disguise cartoon continuity

Voice Actress: Sandy Fox (English), Chieko Higuchi (Japanese)

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Dreamwave Robots in Disguise comics continuity

T-AI Dreamwavesummerspecial

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When Scourge and Sky-Byte attempted to steal an experimental nuclear generator from a plant in Arizona, T-AI tried to find any Autobots who were available to respond to the situation. Ultimately, Optimus Prime was the only one not currently occupied by some other emergency. Dreamwave Summer Special



  • Ai-Chan (KT Figure Collection, 2004)
This figurine was produced by KT Figure Collection, and included in a set of four others. It is notable in that not only is this the only non-Generation One PVC in the entire set, but T-AI is portrayed bathing in a hot spring, and is thus completely nude, aside from her hat. A super-deformed Super Fire Convoy is seen peeking over the side, and a miniature Gelshark bath toy is in T-AI's hands.
Yes, it's creepy.[1] And you may find out her face is familiar, BECAUSE the figure is designed by Yūki Ōshima, who did the creepiest thing in Transformers franchise ever.


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