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Synthetic Energon

"I wish I could do more..." "Well now you can! WARNING: Side effects may result in death."

Synthetic Energon, sometimes shortened to Synth-En, is a different type of Energon that boosts the energy of any Cybertronian (it was only shown to improve performance when unstable). It is colored green when it's unstable, blue-green when it is stable and makes the energon flow green as well, like Dark Energon makes it purple. It could be harmful to humans if they made contact with the substance. 


After acquiring the needed information from Bulkhead's mind containing the formula, Ratchet was able to create Synthetic Energon and begun tests on machines, but failed.  In his desire to help Optimus Prime and his team, he tested it on himself which greatly boosted his fighting skills and speed.

But the side effects have caused the old medic to act negativity and hostility toward his fellow Autobots. He threw Bulkhead through a wall in the base, he tried to fight Bumblebee and he flirted with Arcee. Ratchet tried attacking Megatron on his own but got injured by the latter and leaked Synth-En, which caught Knock Out's interest in studying it after acquiring its last drop. After Ratchet was stabilized from his injuries, he apologized to Optimus and decided to test on non-living machines not Autobots. The other side effect is that it causes the user to burn through their natural energon reserves much faster.

Later, Knock Out spotted a tiniest drop of Synthetic Energon left on the broken container and presumed to have acquired it for his future research.

Ratchet was revisiting the formula in case of emergency as they have almost no energon reserves at their new base. At the same time, Knock Out was also experimenting with recreating the formula, and finding out to his horror that combining it with Dark Energon would transform any Cybertronian into an Energon-hungry Terrorcons.

Synthetic Energon would play a key role in restoring Cybertron as it was discovered to create cybermatter if combined with CyberNucleicAcid.


  • The negative results are implied to be a result of Ratchet having an incomplete formula.
  • The side effects of the unstable Synthetic Energon may lead to the victim becoming aggressive, arrogant and unstable.
  • Unstable Synthetic Energon seems to be like a steroid or performance-enhancing drug that improves people's physical capabilities but also is very bad for their mental health.
  • The stabilized Synthetic Energon seems to be bluish-green rather than green.
  • Shockwave seemed to rely on this matter the moment he saw his laboratory destroyed and the cybermatter mixed with Synthetic Energon recreated robotic metals.