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The name or term Swoop refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Swoop (disambiguation).

Swoop is an Autobot from War for Cybertron.


Swoop speaks like a caveman with a high voice and bad grammar. He is Grimlock's best friend.


War for Cybertron: DS

  • Story Mission 5
  • Gaining Strength

Optimus Prime and his team tried to recruit Grimlock and Swoop to join the Autobots, but they refused. After Swoop was rescued, he joined out of gratitude, but Grimlock was not ready yet. He was present during the infiltration of the core, and also during the fight against Trypticon.

Fall of Cybertron

Swoop was part of Grimlock's Lightning Strike Coalition Force until the whole group were captured by Shockwave and his Insecticon pets. Within Shockwave's laboratory near the last known Energon reservoir on Cybertron, Shockwave turned them into strong dominant creatures on a distant planet. Grimlock was able to escape with some slight help from the now-rogue Starscream and free his comrades (except for Sludge, who didn't survive the Insecticon attack from before). He was last seen near the reservoir, overseeing Grimlock destroy Shockwave and the space bridge to the planet from which their alternate forms originated from.


Swoop and his original alt-mode: a Cybertronian jet

  • In War for Cybertron DS, when Swoop is first used, his weapons are a 'laser gun' and a 'solid' energon sword (3 weapon types- Plasma, Laser and Solid).