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The name or term Swoop refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Swoop (disambiguation).

Swoop may be simple mentally, but when it comes to blasting Decepticons to tiny bits from the air, his lack of intelligence doesn't seem to hinder him at all. He tends to be the first to strike, scattering Decepticons and keeping them panicked while his partner Grimlock sneaks up on them. Then Swoop joins in on the ground, tearing into their opponents with claws and teeth, either separately, or combined into the brutal Mega-Dinobot.



During the Unicron Singularity crisis, Swoop served aboard the Autobot flagship Iron Hope. He was called into action during a Decepticon attack on the ship, and battled Predacon alongside Grimlock. Force of Habit



  • Grimlock & Swoop (Mega, 2005)
Swoop transforms from the usual pterosaur (this time equipped with a pair of giant Jetfire-style scramjets formed by the robot-mode legs) into a robot. He can also form the lower body of the combined robot Mega-Dinobot. He was available only in a Mega-class multi-pack with Grimlock.


  • This set was not "mech-designed" or engineered by Takara employees, a rarity for normal-series Transformers toys.

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