This article is about the Maximal security officer. For the Decepticon, see Switchblade (G1).

Switchblade is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Switchblade is a highly trained member of the elite Maximal Command Security Force. His job is to uphold the will of the Maximal Imperium on Cybertron in the name of the Pax Cybertronia. A former tank operator in the waning days of the Great War, Switchblade decided to go into the Security Force at the end of the war, where he could get some front line, up-close-and-personal action.


Switchblade was shot by a Predacon with energy ray along with High Beam. Theft of the Golden Disk


  • Switchblade -like all of the MCSF- uses the Cybertron-series Clocker toy as a base (with a modified Armada Cyclonus head), though no official Switchblade toy exists (and probably never will). His color scheme is based somewhat loosely on the Beast Wars II Maximal Ikard.
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