Switchblade is a ruthless and brutal Decepticon Commander who appears in Transformers: Universe. He is captain of the Leviathan and has his own armada of Flight Vehicons.



Switchblade assisted Makeshift in infiltrating the Autobot ranks in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of Optimus Prime. However, not even the Autobots knew where Prime was.

Switchblade's ship, the Leviathan followed the Arclight to Earth. Switchblade ambushed the Arclight, delivering the final blow with a bombing run by his armada of flight vehicons. However the Autobots along with Optimus Prime managed to escape through pods bound for Earth. Switchblade determined to defeat the Autobots docked the Leviathan at Central City to deny the Autobots the vast amounts of energon stored underneath the city by the Autobots during the war on cybertron. Under Megatron's orders, Switchblade commanded the Decepticons to attack the humans to draw out the remaining Autobots. This led to "a national state of emergency and the total evacuation of eleven major cities" which successfully drew out the Autobots aside from the missing Optimus. After these events Switchblade continued to deploy Decepticon squads to fight the Autobots, and monitored their progress.


Video Games


  • Surprisingly Switchblade appears as Prowl's opposite number (a mentor to the player Commander on the Decepticon side), rather than his fellow police car Barricade.
  • Switchblade only appears in the tutorial and in PvP modes (Elimination, Challenge and Meteor Storm)
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