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Swindle is a Decepticon in the live-action Transformers film continuity family and ALSO a bunch of mass-produced drones on both sides.

KABOOM! Heh heh heh heh heh.

Swindle is one of many Decepticons ordered to Earth by Megatron to cause havoc for the Autobot forces there. He's well suited to the task. Swindle is not a great fighter and, more, he's dumb as a post, but he takes great glee in blowing things (any "things") to pieces and that's worth something right? Generally he leaps and hops around the battlefield like a madman, blasting explosives out of his chest cannon and laughing uncontrollably. Havoc is a given when he's around. He's also an enthusiastic but unfortunately ineffectual interrogator. They're basically like Decepticon Stormtroopers.

Sometimes there are lots of him.

On both sides.



Given his intelligence stat I'm impressed he managed that coherent a sentence.

IDW comics

Swindle (presumably the Swindle, given he shows genuine pleasure at torturing the Autobots and fear at Megatron's threat) was in charge of torturing the location of the All Spark out of Bumblebee's team after their capture at Tyger Pax. Even though he killed one of the team, he failed to extract any information from them, but succeeded at pissing off Megatron, who dismissed all of his underlings...then promised the relieved Swindle a slow and torturous death.

Luckily for Swindle, Megatron took off into space and was lost before he was able to follow through on his threats. Prime Directive #1

Later, Swindle was part of the crew of Starscream's ship that pursued the All Spark and Megatron to the Eshems Nebula. They were forced to turn back for repairs when the ship was damaged by an Autobot concussion chain. The Reign of Starscream #

Much later, Swindle welcomed Starscream back on Cybertron along with Ramjet and Dreadwing. The Reign of Starscream #3

During Dreadwing's coup, it is unknown which side Swindle took, but he presumably sided with Dreadwing considering he controlled the drone army and Swindle drone units were seen fighting against Starscream.

Whatever the case, it is apparent he survived this experience, as he later landed on Earth as part of Fracture's team, by orders of Soundwave.

Note: Swindle inexplicably has modern-Earth car kibble on him when he is seen on pre-Earth-contact Cybertron centuries before the automobile was invented... while Bumblebee and the other Autobots do not. Hm.

Titan Magazines

A lone Swindle manned a Decepticon outpost that Ironhide and his cadets stormed. Faced with Ironhide's bigger-than-Texas cannon, the lone Swindle silently surrendered. Transformers Comic issue 5

In a world where the Decepticons captured the All Spark, Swindles are part of the occupation force on Earth. One guarded the Denver tunnel entrance to a facility where Optimus Prime's body was being held (until Bumblebee beat him up). Transformers Comic issue 9 A large platoon of Swindles guard the All Spark, under the command of Bonecrusher - who won't let them do their job, as that would prevent him from hurting any intruders. Transformers Comic issue 11


Battle For the Allspark online game

Swindle head

Swindle units can be either Autobot (top) or Decepticon (bottom)

Swindle units have excellent speed and fair attack power, but very weak defense. They are differentiated primarily by their heads; Autobot versions have a faceplate with separate eyes, while the Decepticon versions have a lens-head.

Transformers The Game (console)

Swindles are very common foes sent against both sides, though the largest concentration of them is in Tranquility. The Decepticon ones are particularly fond of lying in wait in their car modes and springing sneak attacks on any passerby Autobot. They are stronger than the Scrapper units, but not by a lot, and are generally easily disposed of.

Aside from the head model differences, Decepticon Swindles are a deep red wine color, while Autobots are green.

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons

Swindles appear as common enemies throughout the game, mainly in Tranquility and Hoover Dam, and are in both versions of the game. The Swindle body type appears as several automobile forms, including the Beater, Sportster, Notchback, Import, Longhorn (Autobot Exclusive), Gunner (Autobots Exclusive), Stunt Car (Decepticons Exclusive), Lightning Rider, Tricked Out Car, Racer, Hot Rodder, Speedster, & Scout (Decepticons Exclusive). All forms use the Autobot visor version of the head.

Transformers Mix & Match book

Autobotdrone mixnmatch

Acting like a body builder isn't going to impress chicks.

Swindle appeared as an Autobot drone that had been captured by Sector Seven. It defended Maggie Madsen and Glen Whitmann from Frenzy as they signaled for reinforcements.


Transformers (2007)

  • Swindle (Deluxe, 2007)
Movie Deluxe Swindle toy1

Full court shot from Thorias, really showing what a man with a cannon in his chest can do.

Swindle transforms into a Chevrolet Cobalt. He's the Decepticon version, with the lens-head, and is remarkably accurate to his video game design. As with most of the Movie road vehicle toys, he replicates the car on which he's based realistically, even if the sculpt design is slightly genericized and has no official licensing.
During transformation, his Automorphing gimmick flips out his head/chest section on its own from his upper torso. His torso also features a spring-loaded cannon that extends when a button on his back is pressed, and the cannon structure itself can be extended from the torso to give a more impressive (or more juvenile) appearance. This cannon gimmick can also be used in car mode, where it looks like a super-turbo-nitro exhaust pipe.
As is the standard in the Movie toyline, Swindle features reasonable articulation in robot mode, with ball-jointed shoulders, hips and wrists, and swivels at the elbows and knees. His head can barely move, but a modification may be done by the owner to increase its range of motion.
This mold was later redecoed into Camshaft.
Transformers swindle movie toy

Transformers swindle movie toy


  • A squad of toy-like bright red Swindles appear in a cutscene of the console game... but as Autobots. Hm.
  • Promotional renders for the console game also reveal a blue Swindle, though they never appear in this color in the game proper.

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