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Swindle is a Decepticon from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

Swindle: the Decepticons very own Heather Mills.

Quick, hide the silver! An entrepreneur with few equals, the smooth-talking Swindle is always ready to make a deal. Trading extensively with many alien races and loaded down with their respective technologies, his goods are highly useful to interstellar warlords, bounty hunters, and many, many others. Though nominally a Decepticon, he just views the Cybertronian civil war as yet another business opportunity, one which has kept him living posh for centuries and could be great for his bottom line again now that it's starting back up.

"Scruples? You'd sell your own motherboard to the highest bidder."
Megatron on Swindle[["SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Fred Willard (English)
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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for S.U.V.: Society of Ultimate Villainy follow.

Swindle found out about the situation on Earth after a little business transaction with a certain bounty hunter. Upon his arrival, he made a deal with the newly formed Society of Ultimate Villainy ; they steal components he needs, and he will give them monetary compensation. He set the arrangement up anonymously, communicating with them through the radio in their new getaway vehicle. When they had stolen the parts, he had them construct into a generator. Sadly, the deal went sour when he asked Slo-Mo to hand over her AllSpark powered time piece. She refused, and he let them in on his little secret; he was the getaway vehicle. He dispatched most of the SUV and used his forcefield (acquired in a deal with a race known as the Vok from Nexus Zero, nice folks) to protect himself from Slo-Mo's watch. He took it from her, and contacted his old client Megatron. After a few pleasantries, he demonstrated the generators ability to freeze everything mechanical in Detroit, including the Autobots. Unfortunately, before the deal could go through, a shielded Autobot and the SUV burst in, and managed to knock him over the side of the parking block he had stationed himself on. While he managed to reacquire watch, he was frozen in his vehicle mode when a blast ricocheted of off the Autobot's shield. He was last seen being towed by the police, who promised to strip him down and sell him at a police auction. The irony probably wasn't lost on him. S.U.V.: Society of Ultimate Villainy



  • Swindle (Deluxe, 2008)
Swindle transforms into an armored Humvee-styled vehicle with roof-mounted cannon. This cannon mounts on his right arm in robot mode.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Swindle's design is quite heavily influenced by his Generation 1 namesake's animation character model, from the "squarehead" with large purple optics to the windshield-chest with grill-stomach to the right-arm-mounted cannon. As a result, Swindle is the first and currently only Decepticon to not have red eyes.
  • It's fitting that just as his G1-namesake transformed into a military vehicle which was also sold to civilians, Swindle's alt-mode resembles the publicly available model of the US Army Humvee
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