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Swerve is a menace to anyone driving nearby. He's easily distracted by just about anything that catches his attention. Despite this, he's quite intelligent and skilled as a metallurgist, analyzing the properties of a material with unique sensors in his hands. When he gets caught up in a scientific problem, he becomes almost laser-like in focus and intensity. Unfortunately, this generally leaves him just as distracted from any other tasks at hand and just as accident-prone a driver as ever. Swerve and "traffic accident" just go hand in hand. He's almost always in need of some repairs, major or minor, because of it.

Swerve isn't the most popular of 'Bots. He never shuts up ad his always talking trash. As such he doesn't have many friends, and is found EXTREMELY irritating.

"Must admit, I had you pegged as a fellow rule breaker."
"Me? No, no, no, I'm all mouth. My nickname at the academy was "Shut the hell up"."
―Skids and Swerve.

French name (Canada): Embardo
Japanese name: Weave/Werve (wee-bu, ウェーブ)


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Minoru Inaba (Japan), Ted Schwartz (English)
FFOD Part5 Swerve

Now we know why he refuses to play in the sand.

Swerve participated in the defense of the Ark in 2006, but was trod upon by Trypticon. And, surprisingly, he lived. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Manga

Swerve appeared on Earth as a member of the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade. Led by Hound, the Brigade confronted the Insecticons out in the desert, only to be caught in an explosive mine trap and fall into a pit. Working together, Swerve and the others combined their Scramble Power and worked their way free of the pit. A concentrated Scrumbuster attack drove off the Decepticons, and the Autobots won the day.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Swerve was on Cybertron observing the anti-Prime propaganda that Shockwave pumped through the data-net after retrieving the Ark's crew from Earth. Cold War Later, he was among the group of new recruits seen failing to take on the Auto-Combatant training drones on Cybertron after Shockwave's rule was toppled. Black Sunshine

IDW comics continuity


Swerve's metallurgical skills prompted Thunderwing to contact him along with several other Transformer scientists with his discovery about Cybertron's dwindling energy reserves. Swerve, like the rest, disregarded Thunderwing's warnings. Stormbringer, Part 1


More Than Meets The Eye

"I'm here for the quest. Love a good quest. Haven't been on a quest since the whole Luna 1 thing. The Moonquest."
"Stop saying "quest"."
―Swerve begins to irritate Red Alert boarding The Last Light.

Before the war, Swerve was part of Blurr's pit-crew and one of his best (one of his only) friends, or so he thought. Swerve had always dreamt of opening a bar with him after retirement.

Millions of years later, Swerve signs up to be part of the crew of The Lost Light on Rodimus' quest to find Knights of Cybertron.

After proving he wasn't great when handling a weapon, Brainstorm gave him a My First Blaster.


Generation One

G1Swerve toy

Elbows. I no has them!

  • Swerve (Mini-Vehicle, 1986, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: C-58
Swerve is a retool of the Microchange toy originally used to make Gears, and therefore has a similar pickup truck vehicle mode. He is largely maroon and white, with squarer legs and a more elaborate face than Gears.
  • Bumble & Minibots (Multi-pack, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: 10
Encore Swerve toy

Weird—I crashed into a paint-sprayer, and for some reason, I can see better.

In 2008, Swerve was reissued in the Transformers Encore line, bundled with Bumblebee, Pipes, Tailgate and Outback. As with his pack-mates, his face paint was given more detailing to resemble his cartoon model better.


  • Swerve (Alternator, 2004)
    • Alternator ID number: 15
    • Accessories: Engine/blaster
Alternator Swerve Toy

A new head. We were so spoiled...

Swerve is a retool of Alternators Tracks and transforms into a Corvette Z06 featuring open doors and hood and a realistic interior. Amusingly enough, his rocket launchers are stored next to the passenger and driver seats. Swerve is armed with his double-barreled engine gun formed from his engine, two pairs of double-barreled slide-out wrist blasters, and two shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, making him one of the most heavily armed Alternators toys.
Only the new robot head and the colors distinguish Swerve from Tracks. He came with a flame hood decal reminiscent of the flames on Tracks's original toy, which was originally available with Tracks's Binaltech release.

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