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Swerve is an Autobot from the planet Velocitron during the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Look, can't we just get beyond Thunderdome?

It's a bit of a mystery why Swerve joined the Autobots. It's possible he just really hates the Decepticons that much. Anger certainly features heavily into Swerve's thought-processes; his internal CPUs are always running way too hot despite numerous cooling systems, giving him an incredibly foul and violent disposition. Swerve was banished from official races because of his poor sportsmanship.

Swerve was (and likely still is) a contender in Velocitron's illegal underground "oil-sports", races where it's not necessarily who reaches the finish line first, but who reaches it alive. He has heavily modified his own body with parts wrested from the losers of these races.


Cybertron animated series continuity

The Dark Heart of Sandokan

Alongside fellow crew Blurr, Excellion, and Longrack, a remarkably even-tempered Swerve served as a member of Override's crew aboard her ship, the Star Arrow. After their ship crashed on the planet Sandokan, Swerve made deft use of the salvage skills he honed on Velocitron to locate an emergency distress beacon amid the wreckage. He went on to get sucker-punched by the beast of Sandokan, Synthos, taken hostage by Astrotrain, and even shot by Override. He took all of this rather well.

He also got to help steal Cannonball's ship. That has to count for something. The Dark Heart of Sandokan

Cyber Key Code content

Swerve's current body is actually his 16th. Originally, he had a body similar in size to Crumplezone, but found it far too slow for his liking. After constantly bootlegging, manufacturing and salvaging new parts, Swerve eventually found a balance between speed and firepower that was to his liking.

Fun Publications Continuity

Swerve, or an alternate reality version of him, has been known to attend Gutcruncher's meetings. His Velocitronian history is mentioned, so we know it is a version of this Swerve at least. Gone Too Far



  • Swerve (Scout-class, 2005)
A redeco of the Cybertron Clocker toy, Swerve transforms into a Cybertronic (Velocitronic?) sports car with open-to-the-air driver/passenger compartment. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into the trunk section of his car mode flips up the side panels, revealing non-firing blasters. This assembly becomes a hand-weapon for robot mode. His side-pipes are removable, and can be mounted on his legs or used as hand-weapons as well. He came with a silver-bordered Velocitron-style Cyber Planet Key with the Key code s12r on the back.
This mold was further redecoed and retooled to make the BotCon 2006 exclusive versions of Cheetor and Tigatron. It is also the basis for the non-toy Maximal Command Security Force characters.



So why EXACTLY did you NOT use this as a generic in the show proper, Gonzo?

  • Swerve's coloration is based on a Gonzo test-run of the Clocker CGI model produced before Clocker's colors had been finalized. Apparently, the Hasbro team liked the general look of the model enough to turn it (or an approximation of it) into a toy.

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