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Skids returns from Limbo... with some friends in tow.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 219-222
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Marvel UK issues #219-222

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Dan Reed (219-220), John Stokes (221-222)
Lettering: Glib

  • Originally published: 27th May 1989 - 17th June 1989


Skids has returned from Limbo, but he's not alone -- the mind-leeches that infest the Limbo dimension have fashioned his nightmares into a reality, and that reality has followed him back to Earth in the form of monstrous creatures. The monsters taunt him, inviting him to join with them, but Skids vows to destroy them. To that end, he breaks into a nuclear power plant.

Elsewhere, Springer, Inferno and Broadside -- the last survivors of the decimated Wreckers -- are getting the runaround from their superiors on Cybertron. Feeling frustrated, they're eager to join forces with their one-time brothers in arms Carnivac and Catilla, when the two Decepticons drop by for a chat. The pair explain how they got their new Pretender shells; Snarler shows up about that point, not at all sanguine about the proposed alliance. A human radio call for help provides a convenient out for the Autobots; Springer and company head out, while Carnivac discusses matters with Snarler. The choice is simple, Snarler tells him: kill the Autobots, or face a charge of fraternizing with the enemy.

Springer and company head into the power plant, where Skids remains hesitant to take definitive action against the creatures -- the creatures are a part of him, and he wonders if killing them will destroy him as well. But the Autobots tell him he's got to take firm action one way or another. They can't shoot, for risk of setting off the reactor, and the monsters are getting the upper hand. Springer puts a call in to Carnivac.

Carnivac, with Snarler staring him down, hesitantly refuses to come help. Snarler is satisfied -- leaving the enemy to die is enough. But Carnivac can't suppress his warrior's honor, and changes his mind. Catilla's happy to join as well. As they head off, Snarler vows that he'll be the first to sign up for the execution squad.

The two Decepticons make a dramatic entrance into the battle, and quickly turn the tables against the monsters. One of the creatures confesses to Skids -- they can survive without him, and vice versa. Angry at being played for a fool, Skids joins the others in a short, swift fight to destroy the creatures.

Afterwards, Carnivac is ready to head out, as the Decepticons will surely be coming after them. But Springer says they're all in it together, and offers them a place on the team. Catilla accepts the offer to become an honorary Autobot; Carnivac also joins, but on his own terms, as a Decepticon. The Wreckers, Skids, and former Mayhems are now... the Survivors!


  • Skids is drawn with Crosscut's head and face throughout. Unfortunately, this means he looks like a completely different dude, and he can't really emote all that much.

Continuity & References

  • Skids vanished into Limbo when Galvatron time-jumped from the future -- waaaay back in Fallen Angel, 120 issues earlier.
  • Carnivac, Snarler and Catilla were granted their shells by Scorponok in exchange for running a mission for him -- namely, to kill Fortress Maximus's human partner, Spike Witwicky. The Man in the Machine! As Catilla didn't appear in that US story, it's explained here that he "just monitored", with no further elaboration.
  • It's not really clear where Snarler came from. He could be a reserve member of the Mayhems, a previously unseen member of Scorponok's crew, or a recent arrival from Cybertron, but there's no direct evidence to support any of these ideas.

Items of note

  • The Survivors storyline would eventually tie into the alternate continuity of the Earthforce storyline. It's not clear where one draws the line between the main storyline and this portion of the Earthforce branch.
  • This was originally meant to be a 2-parter, but the change in format in #213 led to it being hacked into four parts.
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