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Sureshot doesn't see why he needs a gun with a fleshie in it - it's not like he's not perfectly capable of hitting a target on his own. On the contrary, he can literally do it blindfolded. His relationship with Spoilsport is strained at best, and it takes a lot to get them to work together.

Sureshot would probably be pleased if a toy company produced a replica of his marvelous self, but extremely annoyed if said replica were a redeco of an Optimus Prime toy.

Italian name: Dragster
French name (Canada): Tirexact


Marvel Comics continuity

Sureshot was one of Fortress Maximus's soldiers on Cybertron. Given his combat-oriented personality, it was probably only his respect for his leader that led Sureshot to abandon the war with his fellow Autobots and give peace a chance on the new world of Nebulos. Their efforts at peaceful coexistence with the natives were destabilized by mistrust and treachery, however, prompting Fort Max to make a desperate bid for peace. Sureshot was one of nearly a dozen Autobots who gave up their personal weapons to the Nebulans as a sign of cooperation—a major sacrifice for Sureshot, to be sure. Ring of Hate!

The arrival of the Decepticons was almost beneficial for the Autobots, as it compelled the Autobots and Nebulans to work together by binary bonding into integrated Headmaster pairings. After Scorponok and his army made a deal with the unscrupulous Lord Zarak and became Headmasters themselves, though, they were able to use Zarak's connections and Mindwipe's hypnotic power to turn public Nebulan sentiment against the Autobots. Sureshot and many of his fellow warriors were still weaponless, and now leaderless after Fortress Maximus and the Headmasters were captured by Zarak's crew. Luckily, some Nebulans still believed in Max's partner, Peer Galen, and had themselves bio-mechanically engineered to transform into weapons that would replace those the Autobots lost. In defending the Nursery botanical gardens, Sureshot first combined with his Nebulan partner Spoilsport as an Autobot Targetmaster. Shortly thereafter, the Autobots chose to abandon Nebulos rather than allow the war to continue raging over an innocent new world. Brothers in Armor!

Sureshot and the other Autobots made their way to Earth and eventually came under the command of Optimus Prime. Sureshot didn't see any major action under Prime's command and was actually taken down inside the Ark's hallways when a crazed Megatron/Ratchet fusion...thingy went rampaging through the ship. The Price of Life! He was repaired in short order by Fixit and was up and active by the time Primus summoned all the Transformers of Earth back to Cybertron to do battle with Unicron. The Void! A destroyed vehicle resembling Sureshot was seen in the aftermath of the battle with the Planet-Eater. Still Life!

The Rebirth

Voice actor: Steve Bulen (English)
Sureshot lefty

Sureshot will fight left-handed; otherwise, it's over too quickly.

Sureshot was first seen hanging around with Hot Rod, Blurr, Brainstorm and several others on Cybertron when Optimus Prime radioed in to warn them that the Decepticons were coming for an assault. How many Decepticons, you ask? ALL of them. It seemed Galvatron had learned of the Plasma Energy Chamber, the foundry in which the original Autobot bodies were forged, and had a plan to take the Chamber's key, open it, and turn the massive energies within to his advantage. Sureshot and his allies managed to get the key back from Galvatron's lackey, Scourge, just before a blast of plasma energy sent their shuttle rocketing through space. They eventually crash-landed on the planet Nebulos and were captured by machine-hating rebels who mistook the Autobots for creations of their enemies, the Hive.

When the Decepticons arrived, Spike Witwicky was able to convince the Nebulan leader Gort to release the Autobots to fight for them. Mere moments after the energy bonds were undone, though, Sureshot was disabled by the Decepticons' opening volley of laser fire. The 'Cons disengaged after a short battle, taking the fallen Autobots with them as leverage and to torture them for the location of the key. After applying Brainstorm's ideas for bio-mechanical engineering to themselves and the Nebulans to become Headmasters, the free Autobots assaulted the Decepticons and managed to reclaim Sureshot and the rest of their comrades.

Cyclonus, Scourge and the other Decepticons then made a devil's bargain with Zarak and the Hive, creating Decepticon Headmasters and a new variant in binary bonding: Targetmasters. Their enhancements proved effective, and they managed to steal back the key from the Autobots. On the other hand, Brainstorm's exo-scanner captured a full bodyscan of a Targetmaster warrior, allowing him to recreate the process and turn Sureshot and several others into Autobot Targetmasters, binary bonded to six Nebulan sharpshooters. Having created two giant transforming starships as well, Scorponok and later Fortress Maximus, the Transformers carried the battle back to Cybertron, where the power of the Plasma Energy Chamber was ultimately reversed back into the planet's core, revitalizing Cybertron back to what it was in the Golden Age. Sureshot and the -Master warriors were last seen returning to Nebulos to cleanse the planet of the Hive's evil machines. The Rebirth

The Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Masaharu Satō (Japanese)

Sureshot was part of an elite trio of Autobots, along with Pointblank and Crosshairs. Contrary to what SOME 'bots may have said, he was no friend of Wheelie's. He and his comrades came to Fortress's aid shortly after the deaths of Ultra Magnus and Galvatron changed the course of the war. They became involved in a mission to dispose of deadly plasma energy bombs when everything became complicated by the arrival of a Decepticon space squad and a ship of refugees trying to flee from the planet Master. The bombs ended up going off during the battle, and several Autobots and Decepticons were bathed with plasma energy. Sureshot and the others involved were each fused with one of the Master refugees, creating a permanent link between each pair of Cybertronians as Targetmasters. Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 1)

Sureshot and the Targetmasters continued working with Fortress's army against Scorponok and were involved in the final Head Formation that destroyed Mega Zarak at the North Pole. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

IDW comics continuity

Sureshot was a crewman aboard the Ark-27 under the command of Optimus Prime. He was seated next to the navigator station, so he could have been in charge of anything from sensor operations to communications to helm control. With his pride in his shooting, though, weapons seems a good bet. Stormbringer issue 2


Generation One

  • Sureshot (Targetmaster, 1987)
  • Japanese ID number: C-105
  • Accessories: "Spoilsport" Targetmaster partner
Sureshot transforms into a Cybertronic buggy somewhat resembling a Baja buggy. As a Targetmaster, he can hold in his hand or mount on his vehicle-mode roof any Targetmaster gun (or any weapon that uses a 5mm peg). He came with his partner, Spoilsport.

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