The Supreme Imperial Magistrate is a title from the Generation One continuity family.

The Imperial Magistrate was the title given to a high ranking Quintesson position that was typically held by a Judge type model who sentenced prisoners to their death by Sharkticon.

"Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?"
―Quintesson[["The Transformers: The Movie"| [src]]]


The Transformers: The Movie

After Hot Rod and Kup crashed on Quintessa, they were captured by the Quintessons who tried them. During the mockeries of justice, the Imperial Magistrate was consulted on whether the accused was guilty or innocent. The typical answer given by the face of death was innocent... which meant the accused was fed to the Sharkticons. The Transformers: The Movie


At the time of Optimus Primal and Megatron's war for control of Cybertron, the Supreme Imperial Magistrate was Derodomontatus.

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