Supreme Commander is a rank used throughout all continuity families.

During Generation One, the Supreme Commander (総司令官 Sōshireikan?) was the absolute leader of the Cybertrons and, at first, sole bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. Later, some Cybertrons were appointed the rank of Supreme Commander without having the Matrix passed down to them.

The Supreme Commander rank can be considered the Autobot version of the Decepticon rank of Emperor of Destruction.

By the era of the Beast Wars, the rank of Supreme Commander was appointed to high-ranking Maximal generals, usually of Convoy status. The task of ruling over the Maximal race as a whole was the job of the Maximal Elders.

Known Supreme Commanders

Generation One

Beast Era

Note: In the English version of Beast Wars, Optimus Primal is simply an exploration ship captain.

Unicron Trilogy


Extended titles

  • Deputy Supreme Commander (総司令官代理 Sōshireikan Dairi): Ultra Magnus, Sky Garry and Jetfire
  • Chief Supreme Commander (最高総司令官 Saikō Sōshireikan): God Ginrai
  • Ultimate Supreme Commander (究極総司令官 Kyūkyoku Sōshireikan): Victory Saber and Magna Convoy
  • Fire Supreme Commander (炎の総司令官 Hono'ō no Sōshireikan): Fire Convoy
  • Super Ultimate Supreme Commander (超究極総司令官 Chō Kyūkyoku Sōshireikan): Magna Jet Convoy
  • High-speed Mobile Supreme Commander (高速機動総司令官 Kōsoku Kidō Sōshireikan): Sonic Convoy

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TF A Cavalcade of Convoys

TF A Cavalcade of Convoys

Commercial featuring every Supreme Commander up until Animated Optimus Prime.

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