Prime-toy SupernovaLance

The Supernova Lance (スーパーノヴァランス Sūpānova Ransu) is a weapon formed from the Arms Microns Arcee Blade, Ratchet Spanner, and Wheeljack Kunai. It is one of the many Combo Weapons in the Autobot arsenal.



  • Arcee Blade (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: SP Cure
  • Ratchet Spanner (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: AP Cure
  • Wheeljack Kunai (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: HP Cure
The Supernova Lance is formed with three individually-sold Gacha Arms Microns, the last three based on larger Autobot characters. Arcee Blade forms the lower shaft, Ratchet Spanner forms the center (with the handle on his back for larger toys to hold the combination), and Wheeljack Kunai forms the spear-tip.
This combination can also be assembled with the "MX" clear-blue versions of the toys.


  • All of the information on the Grand Cross Archery, including its very existence, comes from the online "Arms Up Mission" game.
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