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The name or term Superion refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Superion (disambiguation).

Superion Maximus is a living legend. One of four ancient, mighty Combiner robots chosen to guard the Super Energon pools deep within Cybertron, he and his peers were awakened from countless years of stasis by Galvatron as his brother was destroyed. Superion Maximus joined the noble Autobots, and his vengeance on his two Decepticon counterparts would undoubtedly be recorded in the annals of Cybertronian history.

Unfortunately, no one can remember his name. He doesn't seem to mind. After all, at least he knows his name.

He is the combined form of the Air Team:

Japanese name: Superion
Hungarian name: Szuperion


Energon cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Paul Dobson (English), Isshin Chiba (Japanese)
Superions brother wreck

You dirty rat. You killed my brother.

After the first defeat of Unicron, Omega Supreme and the four guardian combiners fell into a deep stasis, ending the first age of Cybertron. The four combiners were chosen to guard an ancient fuel at the core of Cybertron known as Super Energon. As stated by Megatron, they seem to have actually fought to a standstill and slipped into stasis. Ambition

Possibly acting as a living seal to lock the Super Energon away, the death of Superion's brother caused them to return to life, as well as the emergence of the Super Energon, which filled the pool below. Escaping Galvatron, who had reformatted himself and convinced the other combiners to aid him, Superion Maximus would join the Autobots on Cybertron, fighting to take back control of the planet from Galvatron and his minions. Galvatron!

Superion Maximus met his apparent demise after a final encounter with Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus. During that battle, he destroyed Constructicon Maximus, pinning him to a wall by ejecting his four limbs and physically attacking his spark. Angered, Bruticus Maximus attacked him and began to crush him in his hands. Just as it seemed hopeless, a ghost-like entity appeared and shot off Bruticus' arm, freeing Superion. It was image of his older brother.

Superionmaximus kills bruticus

Ever walk a mile in another man's limbs?

Superion Maximus, now reduced to just the central combiner robot, powerlinked with Constructicon Maximus' limbs and attacked the confused Bruticus, piercing his spark, and causing a massive explosion which destroyed the remaining Decepticon. Spark

Superion was last seen lying against the wall where Constructicon Maximus was killed earlier, still powerlinked to his limbs. His eyes showed a flicker of light as the Energon Sun exploded nearby, bathing the universe in light. The Sun



  • Superion Maximus (2004, 2005)
Japanese ID Number: SC-26
Superion Maximus is composed of his five team members, with Storm Jet forming his central body component. His limbs' energon weapons form his hands and feet. Similarly to Generation One's Scramble City combiner teams, Superion Maximus (as well as Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus) feature universal connection points for the limbs, allowing many different combinations and even swapping of limbs from different teams. Any limb-combination is Superion Maximus, so long as Storm Jet is the torso.
Only Storm Jet, Sky Shadow and Treadshot were initially released in 2004 for the North American, Asian and Australasian markets, with Terradive and Windrazor released later in 2005. This unfortunately led to many consumers having an incomplete Superion Maximus for many months.
In Japan, the five components were only made available as a single gift set, never as individuals.
This mold is redecoed as Universe Superion and Revenge of the Fallen Superion.


  • In Superlink, there was a running gag involving the Autobots being unable to remember Superion Maximus's name, requiring him to reintroduce himself over and over, to hopefully comedic effect. Needless to say, this was fumbled in the English translation and in the delivery of the lines, which resulted in some seemingly random yet obnoxious name-dropping from Superion Maximus.
  • Like the other two Energon "Maximus" combiners, the five component robots of Superion Maximus are made from only three molds: a central Deluxe torso, and two Basic limbs with two color schemes each. According to Hasbro representatives at BotCon 2005, this was done because the budget for the tail-end of Energon allowed for only nine-to-ten new molds, so they had the choice of two groups of five, or three groups of three. They went with the latter.

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