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Super deformed (aka SD) is a style of manga and anime art that features smaller, cuter versions of pre-existing characters, with distorted proportions.

  • The G1 Mini Vehicles' alt modes were based on Choro-Q toy cars, which themselves were super-deformed versions of actual cars. (This is particularly clear when you compare Cliffjumper to an actual Porsche 924.)
  • The Monster Pretenders featured rubbery beast shells and robot monster modes that were scrunched and deformed enough to be considered super-deformed (Scowl's bio in particular makes note of this horrid cuteness.)
  • In 1990, Takara marketed a series of super-deformed Transformers toys, with the Transformer PD Type mini-comics serving as their official fiction.
  • MyClone figurines are also designed in a super-deformed style.
  • The fan-made comic "Superdeformers", written by Matt Nelson, was used in various official Transformers production by 3H. The "Superdeformers" web-site is currently down for unknown reasons.
  • First 4 Figures produced a super-deformed Ultra Magnus statue in 2006, based on an art contest at the Transformers World 2005 site. [1]
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