Super Warriors - The Godmaster Brothers is the eighth episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on May 31, 1988 on Nippon TV.



A new element enters the Masterforce war in the form of Hydra and Buster - the Godmasters!


As the sun rises over the mountains, Dauros runs through a dew-soaked field, late for a rendezvous with the other Decepticons atop a seaside cliff. He is still keeping better time than the Headmaster Juniors, though, who are late due to Cancer sleeping in and soon arrive all piled onto Wilder's motorcycle. Blood warns them that they must hurry... for their superiors have summoned them! The group boards a small submarine, which brings them to a secret base hidden amidst mist-shrouded islands. An electronic sensor appears from behind a rock wall, clearing them to proceed, and the submarine docks within a cavern, which opens out into a lush garden decorated with ornate, palatial fixtures, and two suits of armor. Cancer is mildly insulted that no-one is there to welcome them, but Blood is sure someone is watching them - a concern that proves correct when the suits of armor spring to life and attack the six Decepticons with bladed weapons. Realising that they are being tested, Blood prevents Dauros from fighting back, and the armored figures promptly shed their suits, revealing the forms of the two seemingly-ordinary young human men within. The bespectacled man does not lessen his attack, striking Blood with a shockingly powerful kick, and when Blood decides that it's time to reciprocate, he dodges every blow with ease. Blood draws his blaster, but a commanding voice rings out, ordering him to halt - the voice of an elaborately-dressed man, who stands on the other side of the battlefield with a similarly clad woman. The two young men bow before this couple, addressing them as "Lord Giga" and "Lady Mega". Giga instructs everyone to follow him, and Mega assures the shocked Headmaster Juniors that they have nothing to fear. Back in Japan, Shūta, Cab and Minerva are training for a hang-gliding competition, and have been practising all afternoon until the sun begins to set. Concerned about the lack of Decepticon activity, Hawk contacts Diver, who is relaxing in the sun, but promises to keep vigilant. Back at the Decepticons' secret base, Giga explains that he and Mega have not revealed themselves before now because they have been secretly researching a new Master technique - a technique embodied in the two young men who attacked the Decepticons earlier, Hydra and Buster. Infused with Chokon Power, these two men are hyper-evolved Transformer lifeforms - Godmasters! They too wear Master-Braces, which allow them to connect to jet Transtectors as engines, rather than heads. Hydra insults the Pretenders failures up to this point, but Blood and Gilmer insist that they do not require the Godmasters' help in crushing the Autobots. Hydra claims that the Pretenders have not yet seen a fraction of their awesome powers, and display a new one right away by combining into the giant jet, Darkwings. Blood also transforms to jet mode, and they fly out of the base, intending to pit their strengths against each other. Back in Japan, the next morning has come, and the hang-gliding contest is about to begin. Minerva is nervous, but Shūta reassures her, and Cab gives her a few last-minute pointers before the contest starts. Lander and Hawk are watching the contest from the Autobot base when they receive a report from Phoenix that London Airport has detected three unidentified jets heading for Japan at speeds too fast to track by radar. Military jets attempt to intercept the aircraft - which are, of course, the Decepticons - but Hydra and Buster use their Chokon Power to destroy them. Blood remains unimpressed, determined to outdo the Godmaster brothers, and when Cancer tells them about the hang-gliding competition, he opts to use it as a display of the Pretenders' refined, unarmed fighting techniques. The Autobot Headmaster Juniors quickly spot them, and when Cab is knocked out of the sky, he transforms to robot mode to save himself, revealing the Autobots' presence to the Decepticons. The Decepticons Headmaster Juniors transform and move in on Cab, but Shūta drops out of the sky in robot mode to lend him a hand while Minerva deals with the injured hang-gliders. Hawk and Lander see attack on television and head out to join the fight, engaging the Decepticon Pretenders in battle, but when the villains fall before them. Hydra and Buster decide it is time to enter the conflict. Transforming to robot mode, they quickly take down the two Autobot Pretenders, and are about to finish them when Phoenix and Lander soar onto the scene and blast the weapons from their hands. They combine into Darkwings to pursue the two Pretenders, but Metalhawk transforms to jet mode as well and the three aerial Autobots are able to overpower the Godmasters and they opt to withdraw for now. As the sun sets after the battle, the Autobots make some attempt at levity as Diver decides that he will enter the next hang-gliding competition, and Lander claims that all he does is sunbathe, but Hawk does not join in the laughter, concerned with the hidden powers of these two new Decepticons...


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Throughout this episode, the parts of Hydra's robot mode which should be red are colored grey-white. This error continues into the next episode, but is fixed thereafter.

Transformers references

  • Chokon Power is mentioned in this episode for the first time since the concept was introduced in "Go, Goshooter - Showdown in the Wasteland." Here, it goes by the named "Ten-Chi-Jin Power" - the two terms will be used alternately throughout the series.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • There is no damn reason for the Godmasters to retreat at the end of this episode. They've got the upper hand, and they're not injured at all - they could quite easily fight on, but they just suddenly decide to stop fighting because Phoenix and Diver show up! It's like the writer just realised that the episode had to end in a minute's time, and just... stopped.


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