The Super Hybrid (or "High-Bred") Models were non-transforming vinyl figures produced by MC Axis in 1987. The initial roster was Rodimus Prime, Galvatron, and Arcee. Standing about 8" tall and articulated at the shoulders and neck, they were sculpted to resemble their Studio OX character models, with more anime-like proportions and details than were seen in the Western animation and merchandise. Their retail release was cancelled; in later years there would be claims on the newsgroup that this was because much of the stock actually melted while being warehoused and Japanese toy shops refused to put in orders.


C'mon, let's be people now, hybrids are for people now...

The only SHBM to get an official release was the Galvatron figure, which was made available as the exclusive at BotCon Japan 1997.

Through the years, a small handful of the Rodimus and Arcee figures have been made available on the secondary market, where they have tended to command prices in excess of $600. The 1987-edition Galvatron figure has also occasionally been seen, but seems to attract less interest, likely because it is all but indistinguishable from the BotCon exclusive version--the only differences are the molded date-stamp on the figure, and the box design.

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