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Super Energon is a variant of energon in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Super Energon chamber

In the chamber of Super Energon

Super Energon is a bright blue colored energon that was hidden in the core of Cybertron. It is identified as a prophetic fuel that meant "hope" for the Transformers race.


Energon cartoon[]

Super Energon was used to upgrade Megatron and Starscream, as well as increase the size of some curious Insecticons. A striking trait of the fuel was that it was so powerful, it destroyed many Divebomb Terrorcons as their bodies tried to refine it into energon stars.

The Super Energon also caused Galvatron to grow to planet size, serving as the new body and host of the evil Unicron. Primus used the Super Energon to create a new sun. It was completed when Galvatron, possessing the spark of Unicron, dove into it, igniting it and saving the Q-system from destruction.

The Super Energon-created sun would not last forever, as the breakdown of Unicron's spark within led to a collapse and the creation of the Unicron Singularity.