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The Super-God Masterforce manga series ran for a total of twelve issues, published monthly from January to December, 1988. While the previous Transformers manga series acted as supplements to the animated shows they ran concurrently with, Masterforce deviated from this trend and acted as its own self-contained continuity. Despite being in a continuity apart from the TV series, it still required readers to watch the television show in order to understand certain elements of the backstory and the origins of various characters who would appear in the manga without introduction. However, Masterforce manga mentions slightly more about background settings than the Masterforce anime does during on aired.

All twelve issues were drawn by Ban Magami and penned by Masumi Kaneda.


  1. Gods? Devils? The Pretenders
  2. Headmaster Jrs Are Born
  3. Destined Confrontation - The Children of Good and Evil!
  4. Enter on the Stage! The Name of the Savior Is Ginrai!
  5. Burn, Super Soul! The New Commander Super Ginrai!
  6. The Battle Begins! The United Troops of Earth and Space
  7. God Ginrai's Amazing Super-God Combination!
  8. The Earth Family of Good and Evil
  9. Decepticons' Great Counterattack!
  10. Live or Die? The Desperate Super-God Combination!
  11. Great Turn-Around! Autobots
  12. The Birth of the Super Lifeforms

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