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Super-God Masterforce is a Transformers franchise from Japan in 1988. Breaking radically from the previous series, The Headmasters, which was a continuation of the Japanese series, Masterforce featured all-new characters and locations, dropping many of the futuristic elements, and focusing on human characters that bonded with robot bodies.

Fans have a love/hate relationship with Masterforce. It's notably well written and character driven, but probably the most different of any Transformers series. Notably, the series was unafraid of the occasional huge coincidence in setting up its premise, though it tried not to draw attention.

The Masterforce franchise featured the following primary components:


A pair of Autobot and Decepticon ships crashed on Earth between 2000 and 4000 years ago[1]. They fought, and the Decepticons were imprisoned until the modern era.


The Autobots are led by Metalhawk. When they were on Earth, the Autobots adopted outer Pretender shells that allowed them to pass for human. They were impressed by the great compassion and goodness displayed by the otherwise primitive natives.

After the Decepticons' defeat, the Autobots spread themselves around the world, living as humans. They kept contact with one another, and tasked themselves with investigating unexplained phenomena and disasters, keeping a watchful eye for the Decepticon Pretenders possible escape.

The Autobot Pretenders were on Earth during the Decepticon awakening in 1984 and everything that followed. There is nothing to indicate they ever made contact with the other Autobots on Earth, but they were in regular communications with the offworld Autobots after Headmasters.

Metalhawk's vigil brought him into contact with Japanese scientist Professor Goh, and eventually his son Shuta Goh, who became a Headmaster Junior shortly after the Decepticon Pretenders escaped.

They were later joined by the human Autobot Godmasters, including Ginrai, to whom Metalhawk would hand over primary command. By this point, the Autobot Masterforce was composed of more humans than Cybertronians.

The Autobots in Masterforce are characterized by their love and admiration of humanity and human culture.


The Decepticons created demonic Pretender shells to terrify and dominate humans. Eventually defeated by the Autobots, they were imprisoned far apart from one another on Earth.

In the modern era, the Decepticon Pretenders were awakened by Giga and Mega, human Godmasters in the service of Devil Z, an godlike alien intelligence with a long history of Decepticon patronage.

Devil Z sought to harness Chōkon Power, unifying the power of Transformers, humans, and the Earth to create godlike beings. Peripherally, Devil Z wished to drive humans into a willing alliance with the Decepticons by threatening to destroy the delicate balance of life on Earth.


  1. This date is based on in-series history

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