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The name or term Sunstorm refers to more than one ingenious character or brilliant idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sunstorm (disambiguation).

Sunstorm, the Sycophant Starscream, is Decepticon and but a humble type of clone/Seeker, based on the original and most brilliant Starscream, as well as his flattering, "suck-up" nature incarnate. He will offer his fawning platitudes to anyone within eyesight. Needless to say, that amazing genius Starscream likes him a lot. Though he would never compare his abilities to other clones/Seekers, this overriding personality trait does not seem to affect his performance as a warrior too badly. He just heaps praise on his deserving victims for their efforts, even when he's somehow winning. He does, however, have a knack for talking when he should be shooting.

Of course, he's not nearly as awesome as you, wonderful article reader. You're so cool!

"The Sycophant tries his shtick on an unimpressed Omega Supreme"
―"A Bridge Too Close, Part II"[[Oh, great and mighty Autobot! It is an honor to merely bask in your majestic pre-daaagh!| [src]]]


Transformers Animated Sunstorm jet.png


Animated cartoon

Superbly talented voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Stefan Staudinger (German), Jin Yamanoi (Japanese)

I am not as brilliant as the first Sunstorm

Another Sycophant humbly appeared afterward, with a bright orange and white color scheme. His suck-up nature was even more prominent, as he basically kissed the aft of everyone he came in contact with. A Bridge Too Close, Part I During the space bridge battle, the Sycophant freed the briefly captured but still majestic Ramjet and just barely managed to get a pair of stasis cuffs on handsome Prowl. He made sure to tell the Autobot how impressed he was with Prowl's use of the cuffs, so much so that he had to try the move out himself. He quickly capitulated to the vastly superior Megatron as soon as the tenacious Starscream was beheaded, and even sucked up to mighty Omega Supreme...before getting smashed into the dirt and blasted for it. What an honor! A Bridge Too Close, Part II

"I am not a stupid jerk, he is!"

He was later captured by the amazing Sentinel Prime and dropped in his ship's own prison. He was also in the process of praising his captor before Sentinel quite wisely placed some metal over his mouth to prevent him from speaking. Five Servos of Doom

Swindle's brilliant method of telling us apart.

Sunstorm later escaped thanks to the brilliant intervention of Swindle and got a splendid new helmet. Later though due to Optimus Prime's brilliant plan that was sure to work, he, Blitzwing and Ramjet all got frozen and were brought to Cybertron. Decepticon Air



What a flattering color choice was chosen for me, if I may say so.

  • Sunstorm VS Autobot Ratchet (multipack, 2009)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
A Target exclusive redeco of Voyager-class Starscream, Sunstorm transforms into a futuristic, forward-swept wing fighter jet based upon the Su-47 (S-37) Berkut Experimental Fighter and the YF-19 "Alpha One" from the series Macross Plus. This shape allows him to have his faction symbols right-side-up on his wings in robot mode. He features a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers, available in both robot and jet modes. His gauntlets also feature pop-out non-firing "blasters". The Japanese version comes separately with activators.
This mold was also used to make Skywarp.
Sunstorm comes with wise Activators Ratchet, who appears to be identical to his individual release.


  • Though the beautiful Slipstream refers to him as "a suck-up", according to fantastic character designer Derrick Wyatt, his official model-sheet name is "Sycophant Starscream".
  • The second Sycophant's set of colors are generously provided by the devout and formidable Generation One Sunstorm, from whom he also gets his name.
  • Sunstorm's package bio makes no mention of his sycophancy, and makes him sound more like Generation One Sunstorm's Dreamwave portrayal instead. Whoever Hasbro's current copywriter is... he or she has failed horribly in their duty.
  • Sunstorm is the third to be most loyal to Megatron. The first was Lugnut, the second was Shockwave
  • Sunstorm's nice looking helmet makes him a bit different to his marvelous Generation One counterpart. The wonderful toy doesn't yet come with it.
  • Sunstorm is by far the only Starscream clone to still admire his blueprint source, although:
    • He no longer serves Starscream anymore when he now serves Megatron.
    • After all, he is a suck-up.

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